Friday, May 18, 2018

Self-Care, and my favorite Essential Oils!

   I really put myself on the backburner for years.  Years and years.  Honestly, until my husband and I started visiting the doctor when we finally had insurance in January, I really didn't even realize just how much I wasn't caring for myself.  Back in April, I started posting weigh in blogs and started to wonder what it was really like to take care of myself.  I had spent years caring for little ones.  My little ones are not so little anymore..  as a matter of fact, my 'baby' is five years old, and very self-sufficient.  I started to look around and see that I had a few more moments in the day..  and decided I should do something magnificent...  take care of myself!

  It started rather simply. I started prioritizing my workout. It was not an easy decision to make. Normally I would start helping the kids the moment my feet hit the floor. Now I was letting them do some work on their own, and it made me feel really guilty at first... but then they got into the swing of it. Before you knew it, they were doing pretty good getting started, I was getting in a workout, and getting to the dining room table in time to help them with the biggest part of the school day.. something I never imagined would work out in my favor.
  The next simple step I took was as simple as washing my face every evening. I was surprised how much better my skin looked quickly after I took that time to do something so simple for myself!
   My Mom and I were sitting at the beach last weekend and the kids squealed as we saw several dolphins jumping just off the beach. We were talking about the sea creatures, and I remembered something that I had read in my kids Apologia science book a few years ago. It said that God made sea creatures because he enjoys them. I believe that to be true. I believe that he created beautiful things so that he could enjoy them, and because he loves us so very much, I believe he wants us to enjoy them as well. There are so many simple pleasures in life that I've really been taking for granted. I'm thankful that I've actually slowed down a little and decided to take some time to enjoy them.
   I want to share my heart on this blog, as well as some things that just make me happy, and make my life comfortable. One of those things are essential oils!!!

   It's been a little over two years ago since I first introduced myself to essential oils. When we were living at my husbands Bible College in Hendersonville, we were right in the middle of lots of healthy and organic stores. One that we particularly loved was the Co-Op. They had lots of healthy and organic foods, as well as a juice bar where you could get a power drink to make your shopping day lots more fun! We enjoyed browsing, and started using essential oils in our diffuser! At that time, I was using Aura Cacia oils that were found in the store, and I really loved them! However, one evening I accidentally put too much peppermint oil in the tub, and I realized that oils do not blend with water... they simply float on top... so a long evening and chemical burn later, I realized that you had to search for separate oils to use topically than the ones you were supposed to diffuse. I also learned the value of jojoba oil and how it acted as a carrier, and the valuable lesson about doing your homework on oils of any kind that you want to use. Thankfully, the frankensense oil that I had picked up from this company was a topical oil, so I used it each evening along with a moisturiser. I started doing this every evening about three months ago, and my face looks and feels fantastic! I also thought it was interesting.. a dear friend and fellow Pastors wife came and spent a few days with us, and we were talking about how Esther used oils for six months before meeting with the King... isn't it interesting that oils were used for beautification purposes back in biblical times?

Esther 2:12 Now when the turn came for each young woman to go in to King Ahasuerus, after being twelve months under the regulations for the women, since this was the regular period of their beautifying, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with spices and ointments for women—

   After I started researching different kinds of oils, I finally found my absolute favorite oils- Rocky Mountain Oils.  Let me tell you, these have been a life-changer!  I've never truly been a fan of MLM companies...  even though I worked for two of them in the past...  I still like the idea of buying straight from the source.  Not only are the oils pure and natural, they have amazing reviews all over the net, and currently do not operate an affiliate program...  so the reviews you see are mostly customers who just LOVE the products as I do, and want to share their love!  There are so many oils to choose from, and the bottles are clearly labeled topical, diffuse... etc.  They also have a children's line, as well as free shipping on all products!  Honestly, you cannot beat that deal...
     Another reason for me to absolutely LOVE RMO was after my original diagnosis from my doctor, when I was diagnosed officially with hypertension and diabetes, my liver enzymes were elevated as well.  My doctors advice was to avoid tylenol.  It perhaps could have been because I did take a good bit of tylenol to help me get through the headaches that I was getting before I began my blood pressure medication, which at the time I was taking headache medicine just to make it day by day.  But I decided I really needed to find something alternative to get me through when I did have aches and pains...   
    I searched on RMO and found these nifty little roller balls!  I am actually surprised at how well they work!  The migraine support does wonders for those headaches without having to take medicaions, and the tummy rub is fantastic when the metformin (diabetes medication) makes my stomach ache.  It seems like a lot...  but with determination and this weight loss plan, hopefully I won't have to take so many medications soon.  Yet its nice to know that I have some alternative medicines in the meantime!!!!   
    Pictured are some of my most favorite oils!  At peace is a wonderful calming oil, I use it at bedtime and when I know I'm going to be in a sitaution that makes me anxious or nervous..  so basically anytime I'm around large crowds of people lol.  Attention assist is wonderful, I diffuse this during schooltime for the kids!  Energize works great for those days when I'm dragging and just need an extra boost, and this one smells amazing as well!  The top picture is my MOST favorite!  The Feminine Aid oil helps with my strong and ferocious hormones.  I suffer from strong hormonal changes, and this seems to chill me out a little, especially at the end of my cycle when I'm just impossible normally.  It also smells absolutely amazing!
    Also in the picture is my lava stone bracelet... YISSION 7 Pack Diffuser Bracelet.  These were very inexpensive and really do the trick!  We have had a couple of them break, but mine has held up for two months now, and I wear it everyday!  It looks nice and retains the oil scent for a really long time!  I'm very happy with these, and for seven of them for a little more than $10, you can't beat that at all!
    So all in all, I love essential oils, and how they make me feel!  It's just something small, but something I can use for pampering!!!