Friday, May 4, 2018

Saturday Weigh in- on Friday this week! 5/4/18

Hello there!  I'm joining my friend over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink with a Saturday Weigh in!
This week I also want to start hosing a Weekly Weigh in Linky party on my blog!!!  You can link up all week long at the bottom of the post with your weigh in!  This is for both scale and non-scale victories!  Visit some of the other links and share and support one another!  So here's to this weeks weigh in!!!  Feel free to grab the graphic for your weekly weigh in posts!!!

Happy Star Wars day!!!
My family are starwars fanatics... and would never forgive me if I forgot May the 4th!

May the 4th be with you!

    Today is a good day!!  My family has been sick for a week with all of this congestion and coughing mess...  so the fact that me and my husband are both breathing pretty well this morning is a big indication that today is gonna be a good day!  Not to mention the fact that they came and plowed all of the farmland around our house yesterday, so we wake up to the sounds of seagulls!!!!  We live a few miles from the sound, but they are all here in our fields for a few days!  There's nothing better than the sound of seagulls!  Except maybe the fact that its been in the 80s all week.  So yes, we have been sick and that's been hard, but sometimes sickness really makes you thankful for when you feel better... and today I'm SO thankful to feel better!!!

    And there's another reason I'm thankful, and that's because it's weigh in day (since tomorrow is going to be so busy for us!) and I can't WAIT to share!!!  
    So this week has been different!  My husband was feeling terrible all weekend, and since I felt the cold coming on, I spent all day last Saturday unpacking our summer clothes.  It was a good thing, because its been around 80 degrees all week long!  So I'm glad that my kiddos had some shorts to wear.  However, unpacking means doing laundry upon laundry...  so by Monday when I felt horrible, I still had a lot of laundry to fold.  I still haven't gotten to sorting out the boys and mine and hubby's clothes, or packing away our winter things...  but I'm getting closer at least!  It's been a long week full of sickness, and the first few days of the week we were just dragging.  My body was sore, I couldn't breathe or sleep well....  but you know, sometimes when you feel bad, it feels SO good when you get better, you learn to appreciate wellness more!  
   I'm still coughing and certainly not at 100% just yet, but I'm feeling SO much better than I did at the beginning of the week.
   However, since we were sick all week I didn't work out at all.  I thought about pushing myself, but thought that rest would be better for my body in order to recover and feel better as soon as possible.  So I rested.  I slept in until around 7 or 7:30 each day.  I didn't push myself hard.  Yet I took the absence of working out to get my eating habits in better check.  I was very careful what I ate this week, and very mindful of it.  If I wasn't hungry, I didn't eat until I was.  I drank lots and lots of water.  Hubby and I did go out for lunch one day, and before I even thought about it I ordered Sweet tea, but I determined that next time we go out, I'm going to order unsweetened tea.  That was the only 'cheat' day we had all week.  Other than that, I was careful about carbs, and drank water or diet mist twist (I know! I know!  But with diabetes, even the horrible diet drinks are better than sugary drinks!  I'll work on quitting those another time, baby steps!) I'm surprised at how much more quickly one can lose weight when cutting carbs!  I've tried lots of diets before in the past, and this by far is the quickest one to get weight off.  
    Surprisingly, I've not been hungry at all!  My Atkins shakes in the morning absolutely fill me up.  I've also been trying to consume a lot of protein, especially peanuts and peanut butter.  We have had a lot of soup this week because of the sickness, which isn't great for my blood pressure, but it sure felt good on my sore throat!  No sweets besides the "Carb Smart" bars that I love to buy, and sugar free jello snack packs which have became my staple!  I also decided last week that coffee was making me feel quite terrible.  Both the coffee and the creamer that I was putting in it.  So although I really enjoyed that cup of coffee in the morning, I switched back to herbal tea..  and it was surprisingly fulfilling! 

Blueberry tea, and the beautiful cup my Callie girl got for me at the beach a couple of weeks ago when we visited Duncan Donuts!  

Tomorrow will be a long day!  We have to take our male kitties to the beach to get fixed, 
and my daughter has to be at work early in the morning also...  so I decided to go ahead and do my weigh in today! And I'm glad that I did because it put a HUGE smile on my face!!!

Weight stats:
This week: -2.4!!!
Total Loss to date: -13!!

I found this online and thought it would be some awesome motivation for me and for my other friends who are losing it!

So this week I wanted to actually post a linky party to those of you who wanted to share your 'weigh in' for the week.  This can be a scale or non-scale victory!  I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, and please, keep beliving in yourself!  I'll also be sharing some of my past weigh-ins and weight loss related posts this week, so I hope some of you will join!  Thank you for visiting!!!