Saturday, May 19, 2018

My Fun Recipe Book and Meal Planner!

   Hi friends!!!!
    One of my biggest issues has always been meal planning.  I'm just downright no good at it sometimes.  One of my biggest goals is to get better at meal planning.  It has so many advantages across the board.  It keeps you from throwing things together last minute that aren't healthy.  It saves on the grocery budget big time, by keeping in check what you buy and what you don't buy.  It also helps just to keep things from being too chaotic at home.  I've finally found a fun way to keep all of my favorite recipes on hand, and incorporate meal planning into it as well, and wanted to share that with you today!

    First we start with our planner!!!  I personally like disc bound planners because they are so easy to customize!  This is simply the Staples Arc Customizable Notebook System 9 x 6.5.  These are completely customizable!  You can find them at staples, and it comes apart piece by piece.  You can purchase different discs, more pages, different covers...  etc.  They really are fantastic!  I have this one and some of the bigger ones that I keep my study notes in!  If you get really into this planner too, (Like I did, obviously...) you can also even purchase a Staples Arc Desktop Paper Punch.  This helps you to make your own sheets for the planner!  I absolutely love these planners!  You can get some of the things on Amazon, or slip into a Staples store and you can find lots more!  Disc bound planners really are amazing, and you'll see why during this post!

    Inside of the planner, I purchased just the regular notebook paper that fit the size of the cover and some dividers!  The notebook paper is only about $3 at Staples, and the dividers I think were around $5?  Anyhow, they were relatively inexpensive.  I separted the dividers into tabs reading Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch, Snacks and Drinks, Holiday Recipes, and Grocery List!  I realized today that I didn't have a place for "Sweets" and need one of those asap! 

My favorite thing about the planner is the fact that you can take the papers out and move them to a different section, and they snap back in!  Easy as pie!  So I write my recipes where they belong.  During the week while I am meal planning, I go through and pick out the dinners, snacks, drinks and other meals that I like best and want to try, pull them out of that section and put them in the front for the week!  After I use them for the week, I simply put them back where they go!  It's a fantastic system, and makes planning SO easy!  

So what is your best way of meal planning?  And what are some of your favorite meals to try?  I would LOVE to hear your ideas!!!