Saturday, April 28, 2018

Weigh in Saturday- April 28, 2018

Hello friends!!!

   Last week seemed like a quick "hello/goodbye!"  I haven't taken a  lot of time for myself lately, and certainly not a lot of time for blogging.  Somehow that week we managed to schedule our Friday evening Mentors Meeting the same week as our Couples meeting, and all of those were compiled together the week my husband was preaching revival!  Needless to say, we had a very busy week, and blogging just fell by the wayside.  
   This past week was far better :)  Saturday evening one of Stephen's friends called and offered us a couple of nights stay in his timeshare down at the beach!  It was chilly, but it was SUCH a wonderful break!  We had such a good time just putting our cares behind us for a couple of days.  It was refreshing for certain.  The rest of the week I was kinda down, but I pushed through anyway.  So when you still workout even when you really, really really don't feel like it- I think that's the time that it matters the most!
   I've been at this with complete determination for about a month now!  While I was at the beach I found the cutest little notebook to write down my weight log and recipe ideas in...

This was only $1 at the Dollar Tree!  I'm in love with it!

So before I go further, here are today's stats!

Weight stats:
This week: -0.4  
Total Loss to date: - 10.6
just a teeny tiny loss!  But considering during our beach trip at the beginning of the week we had pizza, ice cream and donuts, that's a good sign haha!

Workout Stats:
Wednesday:  3.03 mi    1 hr 4 min
Thursday: 2.62 mi    56 min
Friday: workout for 45 min, 
but I didn't get to log it because halfway through I accidentally jerked out the key and it rest everything...  but I did workout!!

    So as of this week, I've been totally committed to this for four weeks.   I've logged my weight  this entire year, so as of about Feb. 24 is when I've lost the 10 lbs.  To me, that's pretty impressive!  Although I know I've worked really hard working out, I haven't worked and been as committed as far as my eating habits are concerned.  I really need to start being better about it.  I've cut back on carbs, but I need to cut back even more.  So this week I'm working on working out as I have been, and getting those carbs in check!  
   It's still a great feeling though.  Although the scale only reads 10 lbs, my body feels really different from the workouts.  My clothes fit really different, most of my pants are a little too small at this point, but I'm not quite in a smaller size just yet.  Hopefully a few more pounds will make all the difference!
   Today it's 78 and its not supposed to drop below the high 60s all week, so I plan to pack away all our winter clothes (I'm keeping out jackets and such, but we really haven't worn the heavy sweaters and such for months anyhow) and getting out some of our summer clothes.  It's kind of bittersweet, because some of my kids stuff I know I'm packing away to give ot my sister because they won't wear them again :(  But then again, I'm so happy with the people they are growing to become.  Yet it still is a little sad when I pack away those tshirts that have passed between both of my 'little' boys, who aren't quite so little any longer.  
   So here's to a new week, to new clothes and new weather, and a new outlook.  I'm looking forward to it all!  Happy Saturday!