Sunday, April 8, 2018

Saturday Weigh In-

Weighing in with my friend Colletta over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink

Hi again!!!

    It's been a long while since I've posted a weigh-in blog...  and quite a lot has happened in that time period.  I rejoined weight watchers back in November, and started somewhat following the plan.  I lost a couple lbs here and there...  but in the middle of all of this I had started visiting a doctor for the first time in years.  During my visits, four months, lots of tests and needles and doctor visits later..  I came home with a diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes.  :(  The good news is, the kind of medication that I was perscribed was the same thing that my mother in law was taking before she lost a lot of weight, and now she doesn't need it anymore.  So that gives me hope that if I can do the same thing, perhaps I can get off of the medicine as well.  

    So after the diagnosis I stopped doing the weight watchers thing and changed gears a little.  My doctors orders were to work on the weight, cut back on simple carbs, and see if we can come off of it at my visit in June.  That is when I finally started to lose a little bit of weight.  It's not been easy at all.  Carbs are my favorites :(   BUT it has been working..  slowly but surely.  I'm about 9 lbs lighter than I was back in February, so I'm finally getting somewhere!  
    I switched gears and started sharing my progress on instagram, but I really don't enjoy getting 'lost' in social media.  It's quicker and easier than blogging, but more than that I spend so much time scrolling through stuff that's irrelevant.  I believe that years ago my heart changed toward social media, and I can't really go back from that.  So I've decided to at least take a break from sharing on social media and share my weigh-ins on here.  I know that there aren't going to be half as many people reading, but I think that it'll be a blessing, and blogging is good for me.  It helps me with that 'creative outlet' that I so desperately need!  
   So, three weeks ago my husband and I invested in a new treadmill.  The one we had was just giving up on us and would not work on high speed.  So since we had a better one that wasn't quite as glitchy as our other, I finally started working out again.  In three weeks I've worked out at least 3 days a week, but I've also gotten as well as four or five!  I got this today on my Nike running app!  Amazing!!  I'm so proud of myself!  
   I've also tried to be consistent about starting "weekly challenges" on my fitbit app!  I don't always win the challenges but they keep me accountable!  Plus I can hold myself up to my friends and see if I'm at least being somewhat active.  It doesn't always help, but some days it just gives me that boost of confidence to know I'm in it with someone else.  I've really enjoyed it, and I think it's helped a lot!  I've gotten as high as 14,000 steps some days, and one day got as many as 18000!  Talk about being tired.  But it's been a good tired.  I can feel myself getting stronger!
   I've also completely changed my goal.  Naturally, when we start a weight loss journey we really do so to 'look good' most of the time, and to feel good.  I've completely changed my attitude.  Looking good is something that comes from within.  People who are really overweight look great, and people who are really thin look bad.  It's not something that is determiend by a scale, its something thats determined by your inner beauty, and your heart.  So I feel like, most of the time I'm very attractive, and my husband is very attracted to me, so its not that I'm concerned with.  I'm aiming to feel better.  To have more energy and spend more time with my kids.  And most of all, to get off of the medicines.  I can do this, with my heart in the right place, I can overcome this!
    So here's this week's weigh in!

      Its been a very emotional overwhelming week.  Since last Sunday our family has attended two funerals, one here and one back in the mountains.  There has been so much sadness, so much emotion.  On top of this, Monday we revisited the hospital at Chapel Hill for my youngest son's hearing test.  We scheduled his MRI to see why he can't hear in his left ear, and if there's anything we can do about it.  We also were presented with the options to consider, and its been an emotional rollercoaster.  Please help us to pray.  He hears perfectly from his right ear, and he's developed even above where he is supposed to be.  So we have a lot of things to pray about.  On top of being overwhelmed, extremely saddened by the deaths that have surrounded us, and spending 18 hours on the road this week, its been exhausting, to say the least.  On Tuesday everything hit me really hard.  I stayed on the treadmill until it got to 100 minutes and it turned off, just trying to wrap my mind around everything.  I probably should have just waited and rested on Tuesday because by Friday night I felt like I had been hit by a truck and still had a 6 hour drive awaiting me.  So its been a LONG week.  Needless to say, I forgot my fitbit at home, haven't worked out since last Tuesday, and had to eat out quite a bit.  So when I weighed in and had gained, I wasn't surprised.  It wasn't a big gain, so I'm not that disappointed, especially since I didn't eat well at all this week.  But I'll take it, for the crazy week we have had, I'll take it, and work harder this week...

Weight stats:
This week:  + 2.6
Total Loss to date:  - 9

   Plans for the week:   
     Workout 4 days, (Monday we have a trip to the beach for my daughter's braces to be put on.)
     Cut back on drinks other than water - (this week I've had a lot of sweet tea.  I know, I know...  so so bad for me!)
    Find low-carb recipies online
    Work on my mind by reading more books and taking a break from social media.
   Until next Saturday my friends!  Much love!