Friday, April 20, 2018

Our little corners of the world!

Our own little corners of the world!
At the top of this blog, I've added links to all of our separate blogs, and I wanted to take the time to share those with you!  This blog is a family blog, dedicated to updates and pics of our sweet little family and all of our journeys.  Yet, some of us (Except the younger ones) each have our own little corners of the blog world that I wanted to share with each of you for following :)
I'm certainly the avid blogger in the family.  I share our homeschool endeavors, self-care tips and efforts, devotions, and basically anything else on my mind :)  Would love for you to follow!

Stephen's blog

Stephen hasn't updated this since he became a Pastor and his life became super busy, lol, but I still like reading some of his musings.  And who knows, perhaps he will join in on the fun again soon!

Lacey's Blog
My sweet oldest girl's musings on life and ministry, and her beautiful, upbeat outlook on life that I just love!

Callie's Blog
Callie is a big American Girl fan, and on her blog she shares all things about her American girl dolls, and some diy things she has made for them!