Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday: April 9, 2018

Hi friends!  I'm joining the Happy Homemaker Monday with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom!  Join in on the party!!!

   Ohhh my, my friends.  This past week has left me ragged.  Last Sunday after church we were crushed by the news that one of our church members lost their daughter who was only a few years older than I am.  After the heartache and emotion, the following day my family and I traveled to Chapel Hill (which is a 3 hour trip one way) to have my youngest son's audiology and ENT appointment.  He has profound hearing loss in one ear.  After this visit, which was long and mentally exhausting, we came home to get a phone call that my daughter had a loss in her biological maternal family, her great-grandfather had passed away.  Although I didn't know the man very well, it hurt my heart deeply to see my baby girl so sad.  So after the funeral arrangements back here on Wednesday, we traveled up the mountain to be there for her during that funeral on Thursday.  (6 hours, one way.)  We visited on Friday before turning around and heading home around 6am Saturday morning so my husband would have study time.  We came home literally exhausted and with a nasty cold!  So we're hoping the weather gets a little better, the colds fade away, and this upcoming week is much less eventful and much more restful.  Yet the past week has left scars that will take time to heal, and pain that will take time to go away.  However, God is good..  I can see his hands all over everything that happened last week... and I'm thankful from Easter that I serve a Risen Savoir!  So on to the linky party!

Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
   Since my diagnosis of diabetes I really struggled to find something for breakfast.  Eggs are great and all, but not something I want to eat every single day.  I used to drink slimfast shakes but they had a lot of sugar.  I finally found these Atkins protein shakes, with 5g carbs and only 1g sugar, and love them!  They must be great, because between that and finally working out, I've dropped around 9 lbs since my diagnosis.  They are a lifesaver, and keep me surprisingly full!

Also, water in my Yeti.  My favorite thing in the world!!

On this weeks to do list::::
   Take my daughter to her dentist at the beach to get the photos and spacers for her braces!  She gets them on next week for early treatment and bringing her front teeth together.  She's very excited!  Since we will miss all of today and unexpectedly missed most of last week, we will start school fresh on Tuesday.  I hate that we got pushed back another week, but at least we are homeschooling and if we have to go into June that will be alright!   I also need to work on planning, meal planning and putting the months' events on the church website.  And I have a WMU meeting this evening!
   Tuesday: Nothing!  FINALLY!  I don't plan to leave the house AT ALL.
   Wednesday:  Piano practice, and school and that is all this week.
   Thursday:  Prayer meeting and choir practice
   Friday;  School, then my Mother in law is visiting and my oldest daughter will be home after a week in the mountains!  Friday is also paper-checking day for me.
   Sat:  Not sure, spending time with my sweet Mommy in law.
   Sun: Church all day, starting over for a new week.  

Currently reading::::
Still reading Scarlett, as well as a book about A Biblical Approach to Anxiety by Todd Friel

On the TV this week::::
  I haven't got to watch very much since I haven't been working out.  I actually started watching 90210 while working out lately, lol!  It's very old school, but it has a lot of music which makes the workout easier!  I do enjoy This is Us, and that's a new thing that I've started to enjoy, but I just can't watch it working out, its far too slow and a little saddening...  
   One thing that has made me very sad is that I'm officially done with Once Upon a Time.  I tried so hard to follow this new season, but its not working.  They really should have ended it with Season 6, I feel like this new season is just awful.  I will watch the final espisode since I've heard Snowing and Belle will return, but I'm not holding high expectations.  Really?  Regina and Shadow Man?  After 6 seasons and two dead soulmates doesn't she deserve more than that?  And really not fanning on new Cinderella and daughter...  they just messed up a good thing.  Enough said.

The weather outside is::::
Very cool.  So disappointing because when we came down this time last year for my husbands trail sermon, it was very warm!  I wish it would feel like spring!  It's supposed to be 77 this weekend so I'm holding out for that!

On the menu this week::::
Monday - Spaghetti with Dreamfields Pasta, its a low-carb pasta I've found!
Tuesday - Ranch Cheddar Bacon Baked chicken with brocolli
Wednesday - Salmon cakes with green beans
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Chicken and Dumplings
Saturday - Not sure, my Mother in law will be visiting so we may eat out
Sunday - Crossing

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
  Work on some blog posts I've gotten behind on, read and work on changing over to my new planner.  OR just rest and do nothing!  And write back to some of my snail mail friends :)

What I'm sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::::
 Nothing right now, besides working on blogging things

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::
Bacon Cheddar Bacon baked chicken!  I've tried this before with bottled ranch but I want to try it with a dry ranch packet, also this recipe calls for motzerella and cheddar cheese

Favorite photo from the camera::::
   It was a really busy week!  But I got to have lunch and dinner with my beautiful baby sister for her birthday!  I also got to spend some time holding my sweet baby nephew, and bought my babies cookies as big as their faces from Starbucks in Durham on the way.  It was a hard trip, but it had its good parts!

Bible Verse or Devotional:
   We have seen so much hurting this week.  We have been with mourning families all week long, and our hearts were absolutely broken for them.  So this is the Psalm I've been holding onto.  I can see their hurt, but in their pain and tears I can see Gods hands all over them, lifting them up and giving them comfort, and through their pain they are growing stronger!  So here's my devotion this week, for my friends and family who are grieving great loss....