Saturday, April 7, 2018

Easter Sunday

   It seems like we've been waiting so very long for spring!  Although we have had some cold days (and today is a cold day!) most days it truly does feel like spring!  I wanted to share some photos from Easter Sunday, which was also our first Sunday here as the 'first family' of Soundside MBC.  My husband preached a wonderful easter message, and our children had a fun time at our church Easter egg hung on Good Friday.  It was wonderful!  So although I don't have a lot of time to sit and share, I did want to share some pics!  Happy Easter friends!  So thankful that we serve a risen savior!!!

Sawyer's best friend, Dr. Brickhouse :)

And dying Easter Eggs... this year my favorites they made were a cupcake, the Porgs (from the Last Jedi) and Hudson's Pokeball

And Easter Sunday in their outfits...

Having lunch with friends at the crossing...

 And Tails really liked our Easter eggs!