Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway

   Hi friends!  It's been awhile, right?   We've been very busy with our minisry since Christmas.  Well, since before Christmas, but just, in general.  Since, as of yesterday winter is officially over and I'm anxiously awaiting spring, I wanted to give an update and share some photos with all of you!  Also, my family blog has been mia for awhile now...  sometimes we just need a break.  Hopefully I'll be more consistent in keeping up with it this time around.   Without further ado...
School has been going great!  We are thankful that Lacey is back at home with us!  We seem to be finishing later in the day lately...  but we do have a lot more work to do, especially my 5th and 11th grader.  It's still such a blessing though.  I love days when school is all that we have to do, they are amazing!  I'm so thankful of this beautiful life God has blessed me with!  

It's honestly been a long few months in regards to health issues.  My husband and I both have spent a lot of time and had a lot of tests ran, and both have our share of specific health issues.  We are both working on them, and working hard to get off of medications from health problems we are far too young to be dealing with...  but are a result from not caring for ourselves.  It's something we have to learn to do.  Help pray for us!
During one of the weeks that we had two doctors appointments back to back, we decided to spend a night at Nags Head.  Even though its really close to our house, the kids thought it was amazing.  They spent the evening at the pool and we spent the morning on the beach looking for shells.  It was nice!

He said he was holding his treasures...  when did this boy get so big???

 Nana came to visit, and speak at our church for women's day!  I was so happy to see her, and her lesson really touched my heart.  It was so good to have her here, and spend some time with her.  Even if the day we went to the beach it was so windy and the storm was so scary we left after a few minutes!  Hopefully she can come back this summer and actually enjoy the beach, lol.  She hasn't got to enjoy the beach since we moved here!  I'm working on getting sermons uploaded to our new website that I designed, so hopefully soon you can hear her message, as well as some of my husbands!
   Mamaw also came down the following week.  We had a great trip and a beautiful morning at the coffee shop for a girls day!

   The kiddos are doing great!  Callie cut all her hair off, but it looks adorable!  Lacey is enjoying homeschooling and is still working hard at Food Lion!  Hudson is doing well in school and loves legos better than anything, and Sawyer has found a new love for Thor movies and is really excited that the Last Jedi is supposed to be in the mail this week since I preordered it!  Callie also gets braces next month...  isn't that crazy, how did she grow up so fast??

    We also spent an amazing week with a visit from our amazing friends the Almonds!  It was so nice to hear Jody preach and to have him preach at our church ! What a blessing to see how God crossed our paths and continues to bless us with such amazing friendship and mentorship!  I absolutely love this family!  We also visited Somerset Place while they were there..  that deserves a blog entry all in itself, so I'll share some of our amazing pictures from there!  It was so nice for our friends to be here!

All in all, it was a good first winter here on the coast!  I am looking forward to more, but most of all, looking forward to SPRING!  
Much love!!!