Sunday, January 21, 2018

Baby, its Cold Outside!!!

    Hi friends!!   I hope everyone is doing well!
   I'm deleting the instagram app off of my phone for a little sabbatical.  I tried really hard to make my smartphone a little less smart this weekend.  Today has been the first day in a LONG time I haven't had my email sent to my phone.  I already had turned off notifications, but without instagram or email, I really didn't mess with it other than to send or recieve an occasional text.  It's been wonderful.  I don't think I'll put the email back on there..  its been so quiet and welcoming today!  So I wanted to share a few photos :)  I also updated with our Christmas photos, I hope you liked those as much as I liked taking them.  I miss the ocean so bad!
   But I digress!


     I just love decorating the tree.  We have so many ornaments that bring back memories and tell stories.  We have such a big story to tell in this life that we lead...  and its always a flood of those memories when the Christmas boxes are opened and the ornaments are out!  Lots have dates written on them.  The kids reminisce while they are decorating..  its such a precious moment for me each year.

The girls both went along for the 4H sewing club meeting, and made us some new ornaments!

Our first Christmas program, part of the rivertown Christmas and hosted by our Chimers was great!  And jus tlook at how cute my little angels are....

And we visited the beach in December for the first time in our lives...  and it was amazing...

     Christmas wasn't easy, it was the first Christmas that we have spent away from home.  We lived in Hendersonville the year before, but we were still with family on Christmas Eve.  This year we knew it would be hard, but we had some great traditions, and being a part of that was comforting and made us very happy :)
    Our church does their Christmas Program on Christmas Eve.  We all participated in this.  Callie and her friend Darci sang, and she did her first Solo chorus at our church, and it was in front of a lot of people!  I was so proud fo her!

And my husband turned 34.  I just had to share this pic because he looked miserable,and it looks like his whole cake is on fire hahahaha!  He really did like it...  I dunno why he looks like he is in misery! 

On New Years Eve our church did an Oyster roast.  The kids loved it, and Callie really liked Oysters!  After we went to our youth leaders house to see fireworks and have hot chocolate.  It was so much fun, and I think the kids will fondly remember the holiday memories for a long time!  Even if they were new traditions than what they remembered before!  


    I'm in some serious disbelief that January is almost over already...  I feel like it just started!  
    January started amazing though...  the kids and I had an extended trip to the mountains to welcome a very, very important sweet little man into the world!  Welcome to this big world Wyatt Charles!  My adoarable new nephew!!!  The world is already a whole lot sweeter with this sweet boy in it!  Be still my heart...  he's beautiful!

I also got to spend some time with Norah while I was there!  I get to spend time with Ev because she's big enough to come stay with us :)  But it was nice to spend some time with my little bit, I've missed her so so very much!

   Oh, and sometimes it snows, even on the coast.  Sometimes it shows a LOT....

But that's okay, because we are homeschooled,and we have hot chocolate :)   So life is good, even when it snows!

    So we'e made a dent in 2018, and so far its been good!  Being away from home for awhile has given me some perspective, and I'm excited to start some new things in this new year!  Hopefully it will get warmer....  and stay that way?  Please?
   I'm also excited that my oldest has decided to come back to homeschooling!  I'm excited about this decision, especially since it was purely hers.  We will be homeschooling with regular books for the rest of this year and she will enroll in k12 for her senior year, so she can take a criminology course that she's excited about.  We are all very excited to have her back home again!  So pray for good weather so she can finish up her exams, and be back in the swing of things soon!  I hope everyone is having a great new year, and sticking to those resolutions a little better than me :)