Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Teacup Exchange Reveal!

This year, we participated in the Teacup Exchange from Stephanie's beautiful blog,
Do go check out her blog, it is so incredibly beautiful!!!  I just like looking at it, it makes me feel like I could put on my pearls and just be at home with her!  

Today is the big reveal!  EEK!  How Exciting!!!

Last year was the first time my girls and I participated in the teacup exchange, but we loved it so much!
We were so excited when I found on Stephanie's blog that she was hosting the exchange again this fall!!  The girls were just as excited!  After exchanging thank you cards last year both of my girls became friends with their exchanges!  Almost a year later, they still write back and forth between each other, and have a good friendship with them!  We were super excited to make connections again this time around!!  So here is our reveal!

Callie- my eleven-year-old...

Callie received an AMAZING package from Lisa!  
I don't know how in the world she would have known that Lauren Dagle was her most favorite, or that her heart was absolutely buried in God, but she gave such a beautiful and thoughtful package!  Callie has worn those bracelets every day since, and read and re-read Lisa's letter!  She also sent the cutest creamer pot ever..  it was adorable!  And the White tea blueberry and Elderflower tea is to die for!  What a thoughtful package for my sweet girl!!!  Thank you!!!

Lacey- my 16 year old...
Lacey recieved the most beautiful teacup from sweet Kaitlyn!  It is the most girlie and dainty teacup!  It's perfect for my sweet 16 year old, who is collecting teacups from this exchange for her Hope chest.  :)  What an amazing gift!  She also got her most favorite tea, Chai, and some Fruit tea as well, which she loves just as much!  A cute journal, some candies, and some tiny canvases for my budding artist!  She loved her package so very much, and will treasure it always!  Thank you Kaitlyn!

And my wonderful package came from Ms. LeAnn!  I loved her letter, and how many siblings she had!  I'm sure she could relate very much to my kiddos, growing up with so many!  I enjoyed getting to know her, and her package was so sweet and thoughtful and oh my goodness look how cute!!!  Pineapples everywhere!  I squealed with delight!  The teacup is the most unique one I have ever seen, and stands out in my collection!  I just love it!  She was also so very thoughtful, she sent milk straws for my kiddos, as well as pencils since we are homeschoolers!  I just love how deeply personal all of our packages were!  The kids were very excited about mine as well!

This was the sweetest memory, and I'm so thankful to Stephanie for letting us create it together!  Looking forward to the next exchange as always!!!


  1. Oh Stacy, you're going to make me cry with your kind and gracious words! How I would love to have you over for tea and yes, we could wear our pearls {{smiles}}

    I am SO GLAD you and your sweet daughters participated in the exchange again and what a blessing to see your gifts from such thoughtful ladies. All three packages are beautiful. LOVE your pretty pink tea cup!

    And I must tell you that I grinned from ear-to-ear when I read that your daughters still keep in touch with previous participants. What a joy!

    Hugs to you, dear Stacy!

    P.S. -Thanks for sharing the photo of your precious son :)

  2. Hello Stacy~ I'm visiting you from my dearStephanie's party, so nice to "meet" you.
    Your daughters revived lovely gift packages filled with Manny enjoyable delights.
    When I scrolled down to your tea cup, I gasped at the beauty! Wow! That is a gorgeous tea cup. Those milk magic straws are something I have never seen before, my grandsons would love those.

    Enjoy your treasures ♡

  3. Oh what fun for your family. It's so nice that you encourage your daughters to enjoy and learn about tea time. I just love it. Lots of pretty things and lots of blessings.

  4. What great swaps! The teacups are all so pretty. It's so nice that your daughters can be involved in it, too. :)

  5. How fun that the teacup exchange was a family affair! All your teacups are lovely! Gotta love how Stephanie brings people together through these wonderful exchanges.

  6. What fun to know your girls played along and got such lovely things. It's such a wonderful swap and it's great to know that young people can take part - and even better that they're interested!

  7. Oh a trio of exchange treasures - what fun, and what a GREAT idea!!!!

    Aren't these exchanges amazing? I think they get more and more fun - and the making of the friendships = the best part!

  8. How neat that you and your girls participated. You all got some really nice tea cups, so pretty and lots of other wonderful goodies. It's really great when we can meet new friends through this awesome event.

  9. What a beautiful thing to include your girls in this! What memories they are making by participating. Three GORGEOUS cups and saucers -- my goodness! I keep seeing all of these and thinking, I really need to add MORE to MY collection haha!