Sunday, November 12, 2017

SSN: The Book of John

Hello friends!
  I'm a little late posing the intro to the book of John for Scripture Soak November.  It's obvious that during this season of my life, I could never commit to being a faithful blogger, but I try!  I have decided that I just simply don't have time to post all of my SOAK scriptures, but I did want to share a few at least, and certainly share the introduction to John!


The gospel of John 

Who wrote the book?
John, the son of Zebedee.  He was an apostle, one of the 12 disciples, and the "disciple whom Jesus loved."

When was it written?
Between 70 AD (the destruction of the temple) and AD 100 (the end of John's lifetime)

To whom was the book written?
The original audience was both Jews and Gentiles living in Greek and Rome around the close of the first century AD.  

What style?

Why was it written?
John was a member of Jesus' inner circle.  He presents Jesus to the world as the Word becoming flesh, and the Jewish Messiah.  He teaches that he was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies, and that he was the Son of God sent to earth.  He wrote with evangelistic intent, hoping that people would come to saving faith in Jesus and grow strong in their faith.  

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