Saturday, November 4, 2017

Roanoke Island Festival Park

    We finally got our first field trip in of the year!  Unless of course you count mental health days to Subway and to visit Edenton field trips...  which perhaps they are, since they are so very rare lol!  But I digress!
   When we moved here this summer, some friends of ours treated us to the outdoor drama, The Lost Colony.  It was fantastic.  Who knew that this area was so rich in history, that there was a settlement of colonists who landed here and the first English child born in America was born in Dare county!  I never did!  We were fascinated by the tale and mystery of the Lost Colony, and were very excited to schedule a visit to Roanoke Island festival park!
   Dad had a last minute ministry obligation and the other family who was supposed to go with us ended up with a virus, so it was just me and the kiddos, but we had a blast!

   First we visited Indian Longhouses.  This was fun because we have studied these in our history lessons before!  We remember longhouses from Kaya's time, and we enjoyed visiting one!
  One of the fun things about the longhouses was the tables where you had to imagine what it was like communicating between the English and the Indians, who did not speak the same language.  One person on one side of the table was speaking for the Algonquin, and had to try to convey the questions to the Englishman on the other end of the table.  It was far more difficult than they had imagined!

One of the highlights of the trip was boarding the Queen Elizabeth II ship!  It is a built-to-scale ship that is anchored in the harbor!  It is absolutely beautiful, and suprisingly a lot smaller than I had imagined!  To know that fifty men spent three months on the ship is a real eye-opener!  The kids really enjoyed this so very much!  

They had so many hands-on activities that the kids just LOVED.

They learned how they made canoes out of shells found on the island...

And how they made furniture...

The blacksmith created a nail for them to keep...

We also saw how the settlers lived, compared to the Indians.  Not all that different, but still, my oldest daughter called the English settlement "Civilization", lol!

  Our guide coined this 15th century "time out", lol!

Inside the museum, they disocovered 15th century costumes, as well as War-era costumes along with them!  There was a lot of outer banks history in the museum, which was really fun!  

Also, the sink boat that had the duck shooting game was a BIG hit, we spent a lot of time here..  look at my girl aim!  

All in all, this trip was fantastic.  We enjoyed it very much, and can't wait to visit again!