Thursday, November 2, 2017


   Hello friends!
   It's been awhile since I've just sat down and written an update.  I thought for friends and family who keep up with this blog, I would write an "about us" update.
   I can't believe we have lived here for five months.  It seems like just yesterday we were leaving our home in Hendersonville.  I can't believe that its been that long also since I've seen mountains...  or visited our hometown.  We are planning a visit in November, and I'm wondering how strange its going to be... seeing all of the things I haven't seen in so long.  On January 1st it will have been three years since we moved away from our hometown, and that's a bit surreal in itself.  How fast time passes by...
   So what have I missed since my last, "about us" update in July?

   Well we've had some awesome beach days!  It's amazing to live so close to the ocean!  It never gets old!  Summer was filled with friends and family visiting and enjoying it with us.  We also enjoyed some beach trips with some new church friends.  My kids have made friends really quick since coming here, and that's been such a blessing!

The weather is quite different down here!  We still are wearing shorts and tshirts lol.  We have had a couple of cold nights, but nothing like our nights in the mountains..  not at all.  We haven't been to the beach and in the ocean in about a month, but the beach itself is still really nice!  Hubby and I enjoyed a trip to the beach and saw a poor seagull with one leg...  never seen that before!  We've also had some picnics and enjoyed mornings and evenings between school hours outside in the yard.  November here is VERY different than white I'm used too!!!

Poor guy......

My daughter started attending High school at the local high school part-time this year.  Shes' taking three classes at school and one at home, which considers her fulltime to them.  She really enjoys it.  It's a very small school, and she's already made a lot of friends.  She's only been in school for a couple of months and she was voted to represent the junior class on the homecoming court, so needless to say, she's already popular.  Of course, she is though, she's sweet and beautiful, a great combination.  

My Callie turned 11..  how on earth did that happen???  I just blinked and she grew up...
She celebrated here at home, and she enjoyed her new best friend, Nanea! Her second American girl doll.  She also had a sleepover with her besties.  I'm so thankful she has made some great friends here!

It's been a wonderful five months at our blessed church.  We have started a marriage ministry that seems to be a favorite of the attendees, and we have had a wonderful time getting to know the couples in our church!  We have also started a Mentors meeting for those who wish to learn to mentor others.  It's been a wonderful few months and I'm excited to start the Christmas season and begin all the wonderful things that it entails!  Our kids made this awesome sign for Stephen for Pastor appreciation month.  I really do appreciate my pastor, he's amazing...

Friends it has been wonderful catching up!  We are excited that November is upon us and ready to get in the holiday spirit!  To visit with family and make new traditions for oursevles...  I'm thankful for this new chapter in our lives, and I'm learning so much through this time!  Thank you Lord, for blessing us so!  And thank you friends for keeping up with me!

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