Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Weigh In!

Saturday Weigh In! Week 3..

Good morning!  
Can you believe I'm actually posting my weigh in ON TIME this week?  I'm just as surprised as you are!

       This week I lost just an itty bitty bit lol.  But I'm okay with that!  That seems to be par for the course with me, maintain a week then lost a little a week.  It's such a slow process, I've found myself getting really frustrated from time to time.  Then I sit back and think about this, its easy to get discouraged.  To want to give up.  Yet at the same time, I'm at least headed in the right direction.  It may only be 2 lbs on this particular journey, but a year ago I was at my all-time high, which was 9 lbs heavier...  so that's exactly what it is, a journey.  And 9 lbs in a year is not a lot, but still, it's less, and that's what is important!
   I've done a lot better to encourage myself this week.  It's been busy- and will be for a few more weeks with everything that's going on with my family...  but I've done so much better.  I've wondered, is that treat that is over my points worth more to me than having the health and life I've always wanted?  And the answer is usually, no!  I've done great about drinking water, and my basic go-to drinks now are stevia-sweetened tea, crystal light naturally sweetened lemonade, and water.  I've had a couple of Diet Dr. peppers this week that I bought weeks ago and just now put them in the fridge, so I have cheated on that as far as caffeine goes.  But other than that, I've done great!  That was my biggest obstacle.  Now if I could get some actual meal planning in, rather than just eating whatever we have in the kitchen, I could get this weight loss back on track!  
   I've also been a lot better about routine this week.  I still am struggling to get up super early, its just hard for me..  but I've been very dedicated to working out and having at least a moment of quiet time before the kids get up.  I've been on my elliptical at least 45 minutes every day this week aside from today, so for that I'm really proud of!   This week I want to supplement that with planking.  I did a planking challenge a couple of years ago, to try and get up to 1 minute.  I made it to the minute and I really did feel stronger because of it!  I would like to make it up to 2 at least.  So I'm starting that along with my regular workouts this week.  
   Baby steps...  that's what makes a difference.  
   It seems strange to be here week after week, posting the same goals and still barely meeting them...  but for the goals I have met, its been so worth it!  So here's to having a successful week!!!  Thanks for checking in!

Week 2:

Weigh in: -  0.2      Total: - 2.6


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