Monday, October 16, 2017

Saturday Weigh In: Week 2!

I was SO excited to do a Saturday weigh in this week!  And look at me, here on Monday, finally getting a chance to write it!
Better late than never, I suppose!

   When I started this journey I was so apprehensive about sharing this journey on my blog.  One part of me reminded myself that accountability was so important, and another said.. yeah, but what if you fail, and everyone on your blog gets to see it?   Then I decided, this truly is my blog, and perhaps my struggles will allow others to be encouraged, so I went on with it.
   This was my first week of weight watchers, and although I did go over my points a few times, I dedicated myself to recording them.  Seems like just the effort of logging what you eat works wonders!  I had my first loss this week!  YAY!

So here's my official weight loss stats!

Week 2:

Weigh in: - 2.4       Total: - 2.4

I'm so excited about this progress!!!  It also put me on one of the 10s marks, so if I can continue to lose this week, I'll have a different number on the scale, one I haven't seen in over a year!  So that is excited to say the least!   I've also cut out caffeine as a daily use, and its now more of an occasional thing, which is super excited.  I'm proud of myself, and of my progress.  This week I plan to work hard to stay within my points, up my exercise game, and work on drinking more water.  Hopefully this kind of loss will be around to stay for a couple of weeks at least!

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  1. Yay! Great job with the weight loss but even more with the tracking even when it isn't pretty :) I think you are headed in the right direction!