Monday, October 9, 2017

Saturday Weigh In, Starting Week 1 on WW

Hello again Saturday!
   Before all of this, I have a no-scale victory!  One of my biggest obstacles as I mentioned in the past was 'drinking' my calories.  I LOVE soda.  I just do.  I love Sweet Tea, so so much!  That's no necessarily a bad thing in moderation.  But moderation has not been in my vocabulary..  well..  like ever.  

   I've mentioned for a few weeks that was my first goal, was to stop drinking soft drinks.  A small part of me really didn't think I had it in me, honestly.  I'm thankful to say, I was largely successful this week!
   It was a long week.. . on Tuesday afternoon, my sweet boys were playing Star Wars in the hallway, when my 4-year-old smashed out a window with his light saber, still in hand.  He cut his wrist badly, which merited a horrified 911 call, a trip to the hospital, and 7 stitches in his left wrist.  My sweet baby.  Needless to say, fast food was our meal for Tuesday night.  Although I wasn't really thinking of food at the time, I did share a sweet tea with my little boy.  Thursday, we went back to Edenton to visit his doctor and have a follow-up, which gratned us our first trip to Subway since June.  JUNE.  I love Subway.  So I shared a Dr. Pepper with my daughter that day.  Then Friday a trip to Nags Head to finish up some last minute things for our teacup exchange package had another fast-food soft drink.  So those three drinks were cheating a bit.  But for all of my drinks the entire days at home, I chose water, unsweetened lemondae, or stevia-sweetened decaf tea.  That's a big victory for me!  Hopefully this week will not be so eventful...  I would be thankful just to spend a quiet week at home this week, other than our trip to go get the stitches taken out.
   And not to worry, my sweet boy is fine..  It certainly didn't slow him down any!

    So even though I did do better in the cutting back on sweet drinks department, I didn't do anything in the food department besides survive lol.  So naturally, the scale didn't show anything for my efforts.  I didn't gain any weight however, which is sometimes a big success in this department.  I'm steady where I am, so now its time just to start going down!  
   Remember a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was cancelling my weight watchers subscription and wasn't sure about renewing?  I was still under contract under a special rate for when I signed up a year ago for a fitbit rate.  Well, that was over and it was cancelled, but I decided to give it a new try!  I signed up anew, with a 6-month committment.  I'm determined this time to do better!  I'm starting out new this week, and hopefully will see the results I've always wanted to see!  Everytime I've stuck to the program I have been successful, so I'm hoping this time around will be the same!
   So today I'm going to spend the day with my family, make a plan, and hopefully weigh- in next week I'll have some successes to share!  

Update:  I wrote this on Saturday and saved it, forgetting to publish and share!  I thought I would just update that today is Monday and my first official day of weight watchers!  So far I used WAY too many points for breakfast (who knew Orange Juice was 6 points??) and realized that a whole container of vanilla greek yogurt with PB2 and a few chocolate chips was the same amount of points as TWO oreos.  :(  So I wanted the oreos, but opted for the yogurt instead, and thankfully, I am full!  Looking forward to this week, and hoping I can keep making good choices!  I also *finally got my phone back up and running, after using my daughters for three weeks.  So I'm charging my fitbit and will be challenging my fitbit friends this week!  If you have a fitbit, look me up!  stacynduncan :)  I would love to encourage one another!