Monday, October 30, 2017

Ministry Wives Blogroll

   Calling all ministry wives!!!
   Hello there, from a fellow ministry wife.   Last year, I stumbled on a "Married to Ministry" blogroll, and I was so excited!  My husband was in seminary at the time..  and it was winter.  I was beginning to get to know some of the ladies on campus, but honestly with the snow and cold weather, as well as sickness, we all pretty much stayed huddled in and kept to ourselves.  It was super hard for me to get to know people for some reason at first.  I'm not sure if it was just a feeling of fear and slight depression, being away from our 'hometown' for the first time, or what it was..  but I had a hard time reaching out and connecting.
   I was so excited when I saw this blog roll!  Blogging has been my 'me' time throughout many seasons of my life.  It's the time that recharges me and gives me energy.  While other social media outlets drain me, it seems that blogging keeps me focused and encouraged.  I was super excited and couldn't send the email fast enough to get my name on the list!  However, with no response for a few days, I decided I would just add the other blogs from the other ministers wives to the list, and connect with them that way! 
   Unfortunately, blog after blog was inactive.  It seemed that the list was of bloggers who had passed into other seasons of their lives..  which is okay.  I'm fully aware that this season of blogging may disappear for me too one day, but for now, I really want to use it to encourage and focus, and to be my outlet. 
   So I created my own blog roll, and if you're a ministers wife, I would LOVE for you to be a part of it!!! 
   Whether your husband is a pastor or a youth pastor..  whether he is an Evangelical pastor who preaches from church to church..  or simply a minister who writes and teaches.  Whether you are Sunday school teachers or worship leaders..  or lead a small group study or a marriage ministry.  Any woman who is serving alongside her husband in ministry is welcomed and encouraged to join the blog roll!  Each ministers wife can share their stories and encouragements with one another!  Lift eachother up in prayer, and possibly- across the internet meet mentors, or students- true Titus 2 women can be formed and encouraged.  Quite simply, Iron sharpens Iron.  We ladies need to encourage one another!
  So here is the link!

Or you can find it on the navigation section at the top of my page!

Anyone who would like to enter their blog on the blogroll, please send your name, your blog link, and the position in which your husband serves to me via email at:

Or leave it in the comments here, and I would be glad to add you!

Hope to see you on the blogroll!


  1. Elizabeth Marshall
    Associate Pastor

    It's been a while since I have written anything but I'm planning on fixing that soon!

    1. You are added! I am looking forward to reading, I enjoy your blog very much!

  2. Thanks for this!!! I will definitely have to check this out!

  3. Stacy, If I write for this blog roll, how am I to tag it and let you know that I made a post for the blog roll? I made a link on my page to find the blog roll it's self. Help.