Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday: October 1/2017

Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
  I'm So late positng this!  It's actually about 9PM right now, lol, a little after!  It's been a busy day, but I still wanted to join in the linkup!  But for breakfast I had special K chocolate.  Love it!

Looking around the house::::
Everyone is working tonight...  we are all pitching in.  This weekend we worked hard and although there's still so so so so much stuff in this big house, we have managed to keep it somewhat tidy.  There's lots of laundry to do somehow?  Which seems crazy since I just did laundry Saturday.  Oh my!

On today's to do list:::: (Going to go with tomorrow since its so late!)
  Today was crazy!  Mondays are crazy for ministry families!  And we had lots of friends over yesterday after church which was so fun, but I didn't get much school planning done.  So tomorrow, somewhere in the middle of reading programs I"m going to have to slip away and do some planning!  Or perhaps tomorrow evening..  since Tuesdays are Mens meeting at church I generally don't have too much going on at home!

Currently reading::::
  I'm still reading Scarlett in my spare time...  and never want that book to end!  I'm also reading She Can't Even Play the Piano and Hands Free Mama, which has been awesome!  I also have a book called a Woman AFter Gods Heart that a friend lent to me that's right after the PIano book on my reading pile!  And this week I begin my class online through Southeastern Biblical Seminary, so I start two books, Women Reaching Women and Word-Filled Women's Ministry, which I'm excited about.  I've always felt that was my calling, I just feel like I'm at such a scatterbrained season of my life..  but I know that after the raising of the children I'l have so much to offer women, so I'm thankful for the opportunity to take classes to help equip me to do so!  
   Ah, and can't forget- Hudson and I are reading Desperaux (over halfway done!) and Callie and I are reading the BFG, and Sawyer is reading lots of Eric Carle books..  and we start Kaya's series next Monday!  Lots of reading in this family.  Not that I'm complaining!!!  

On the TV today::::
What's that??  lol.  Seriously...  with the exception of the mornings on the treadmill I never get to watch television.  BUT those morning are filled with When Calls the Heart, which I'm currently addicted too.  And I can't wait for Once...  oh my goodness! 

The weather outside is::::
  It's actually felt like fall!!!  My heart has been a little homescik lately..  and Sunday morning when I stepped out on my porch I felt my heart ache and I got teary eyed.  It feels like fall, and feels like home...  and I miss my Mountains.  But I'm making it.  Next week promises 80s, so perhaps I can sneak away to the ocean once again and enjoy the day...

On the menu this week::::


We had hotdogs

  Chicken and cheese Grilled Tortillas with rice

That's as far as I got this week lol!  I'm trying really hard to cut as much red meat out of our meals as possible...  that's proving to be more difficult than I thought!

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  There's so much peace in doing nothing lol.

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::
I found a recipe for an Icebox Pie, and Iwould LOVE to try that!  My Mom is visiting this weekend, and I hope I can try it then!

One of my simple pleasures::::
Piling up in our reading nook and enjoying a book together with the children.  

Favorite photo from the camera or internet::::

  I have a couple fun ones to share!

      Sunday was Youth Sunday!  This is a few of our younger youth members!  The older ones took up the offerring and did our announcements...  it was a blessing.  I'm very blessed.

And this one..  we have outside cats.  Not inside cats.  But occasionally, my kids will want them to visit during school.  I had to do a double take this morning at my Son's science project...  our kitties are getting so big...

Praying for::::
The Tragedy in Vegas that is heartbreaking!  A sweet older lady in our church who isn't doing very well...  my sister's pregnancy, my other sister who has an aunt with cancer, my sweet friend Shellie who is still adjusting and learning about life with her health problems, my sweet husband and pastor, and my kids.  

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating with me at the moment:::: 

I'm trying to work on getting up earlier, and trying to fight and hold onto this verse...


  1. My heart just skipped a beat when I seen you had posted ! I love reading behind you!!! I am praying for you my sweet friend! There is no harder sickness than being home sick! I love you mostess and praying always !

    1. Thank you so so much! just... for everything :) love you so much! Glad to share my journey through blogging with you by my side, always my encourager!

  2. Enjoyed this sweet sister. Very encouraging. I want to do link up but feel I would get behind and not be faithful. Blessing to you.

    1. You certainly should join!! I'm not always very committed either, but its fun to do it every now and then! The world needs more of your wisdom! Love ya!