Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 10/9/17

   It was a wonderful weekend with a visit from my Mom and stepdad. The kiddos got to spend time with them, we had a picnic which was a family reunion with one of our church members on Saturday, then my Mom kept the kids while my hubby and I got to go out alone!!! We haven't been more than 10 minutes from our house alone since we moved here in June! It was a treat to have an evening out together!  It was so nice to have a meal and talk, spend some time walking on the beach together, and going out for ice cream!  I so enjoyed our time alone, and hope that it isn't so far before we get to do it again!
   See my post about Saturday's weigh in to find out some more events of this week...  my sweet little guy got hurt, and ended up with stitches!  I won't repeat the story again when you can read it there :)  
   So anyhow, on to a new week!!!

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Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
   It's far past morning by the time I alawys get this post written!  Nothing special for meals today.. . cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch..  Today started my first day on weight watchers, so I've eaten quite a bit less than normal.  Here's to new routines!

Right now I am::::
   Relaxing to write a blog post!  I've spent the morning so busy cleaning!

Looking around the house::::
  It looks nice.  I'm still adjusting to this BIG house and keeping it clean.  I've found that the only way I can succeed is to take it in small doses.  Focus on one room at a time, one chore at at time.  Sometimes, after busy weekends it will literally take me all day to get the house back together.. but it'll get there eventually!

On today's to do list::::
   Today I worked on the laundry, cleaned up our bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen...  Now I still have to organize the clothes in the boys room, cook dinner, and do some school planning that I've gotten a little behind on!

Currently reading::::
  Reading my books for my class and working my way through the other books that I've mentioned each time.  Nothing new quite yet!

On the TV today::::
Star Wars has been on all day.  I didn't get my daily dose of When Calls the Heart because I didn't work out today...  but I did watch Once Upon a Time last night and I LOVED it!!!  I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the new one from what I've heard, but I thought it was fantastic!!!
The weather outside is::::
  Still really warm in the 80s.  The big kids went to the beach with their grandparents this week and the weather was fine!  The waves were too rough for them to swim, which was strange since Nate is in the gulf not on our side.  But the air is still really warm and we are still in summer wear.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain, its been awhile we could use some!

On the menu this week::::
Monday -  Chili with cheese and fritos
Tuesday- Salmon patties, brocolli, macaroni and fish sticks for the boys
Wednesday- Chicken casserole with rice and green beans
Thursday- Spaghetti 
Friday- Not sure, something fast since we have soccer games!

If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
   Read!  Gosh I've missed reading!  I did enjoy reading for my first lesson in my class last week!  Also I'm starting the womens bible study at church this week, so I'd like to prepare for that a little..

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::
   It's one of those bare bones weeks lol, wont' be trying anything new but I do plan to make a pumpkin pie for the weekend!

One of my simple pleasures::::
  My sweet little boy gave me quite a scare last week.  I've just enjoyed watching him and listening to him talk..  right now he's sitting across from me playing Play Dough and just chatting away...
  Him:  "I don't have a Ray outfit"
  Me: "Really?"
  Him: "I probably want one."  "It isn't a dress."  "Kylo doesn't go to church, because he's bad."  
 Oh my lol.
   Me: "He should go to church."
  Him:  "No!  Then I will be scared and I won't go, because he will stab me, and it will hurt so bad."
Hahaha I'm glad I could share that with you!  And yes, he's always that entertaining!

From the camera:::
   Some photos from my hubby and I's rare date night!  We saw a seagull with one leg!  To hear the story of how that happened would be interesting to say the least!



  1. I so missed blogging today! I felt yucky so I just did what I had to do and called it a day lol! It always makes my heart so happy to read your blog post ! Praying for you my sweet friend! So glad you got some alone time and some family time! Love you praying always!

    1. I missed reading your blog! I'm so sorry you didn't feel good, I understand though! Somedays resting is important for you, take care of you! I love you lots and thank you so much for the prayers and for talking to me this week! Love you!