Monday, October 16, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday: 10/16/07

It's Monday!  So Its Happy Homemaker Monday! :)  Join the Party at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom! 

What's on the plate this morning::
  Nothing special, a Slimfast Smoothie and some hot tea :)

Right Now I Am ::
 Writing this blog!  And catching up on some other blogs before schooltime starts

Looking Around the House::
  Sunday evenings are times of rest for Mom and Dad, since Sundays are quiet busy for ministry families.  There's a lot of picking up that needs to be done!

On Today's To Do List~~
   Cleaning, homeschooling, back to Edenton to hopefully have the two remaining stitches removed from my little boys hand...  soccer game and practice, supper then home to rest for awhile!

Cooking for Supper::
  Salmon, pasta and broccoli

Currently Reading::
  This evening I'll be reading my Women Teaching Women book for our class, and hopefully I'll get some time to get back into Scarlett!

On My TV Today::
   I won't have time to workout and catch up on my shows this week, but hopefully sometime during my morning workouts I'll get to catch up on this week's Once Upon a Time episode and back to season two of When Calls the Heart!

The Weather Outside::
  Its been very warm, in the 80s and humid the past week.  It was a humid, rainy weekend.  The meterologist from the weather station in Norfolk was at the parade this weekend and everyone had to harass him because it was raining lol.  According to my phone, its finally supposed to be mid-70's this week, so maybe it will feel a little more like fall lol.  Also according to my phone its 46 degrees in my hometown, so needless to say, this year is a bit of an adjustment!
On the Menu ::
  I haven't gotten past Monday!

If I Have a Few Moments to Myself::
  Catching up on reading, working out a little, and I have projects for WMU, we are making little stars to hang on the trees at church for our Lottie Moon offerring this month.  I need my girls help on this!  Also need to study Psalm, which is what the ladies choose for the women's bible study this week.

One Of My Simple Pleasures;;
  Right before I wrote this, my sweet small boy climbed up in my lap.  I enjoy everything about his smallness!

Favorite photo from camera or internet this week~~

I can't pick just one!  My beautiful girl was on homecoming court as Junior Class Representative :)  Some of our amazing church family borrowed an awesome Corvette for her to ride on in the river festival parade!  It was awesome!

Little Sister returned from her trip to the mountains with some of her birthday gifts.  This gift is one of my favorites!  My Mom bought her a beautiful dress that came with a dress for Rebecca to match as well!  It looked beautiful on her!!!

And this...  my sweet little guy blowing bubbles in the front yard!

My scripture reminder for the week::
   My amazing pastor (and husband) is going through the book of John, verse by verse.  I've been loving it, and being so touched by it.  So these are the verses on my heart!

Praying For::
  Ministry and family, my sweet sister who lost her aunt this week, a sweet friend of mine who is having continued health problems, and lots of prayers for some of our congregation and their families.  


  1. I loved When Calls the Heart - can't wait for another season! Your daughter is beautiful, I hope she had a fun Homecoming.

  2. I actually need to catch up on When Calls the Heart. I have so many shows I'm watching hahaha Once Upon a Time is one of them :)

    Your daughter looked beautiful at the Homecoming, what a great picture.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. I LOVE When Calls the Heart, enjoy it. I can't wait for the new season. Your daughters are both gorgeous, looks like they had fun! Have a GREAT week.

  4. How exciting for your oldest daughter! And I love the matching dresses for your youngest and her doll, very cute. One of my favorite things about working at preschool part-time is when we get out the bubbles, so fun! Hope you are having a wonderful week!