Wednesday, October 11, 2017


So I really enjoy my Monday link ups with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  I really enjoy her blog altogether, honestly.  The other day I saw her fun little post about Blogtober, and thought, what a fun idea!

Now honestly, at first I just thought...  man, I don't have time for that...
Writing, everyday?  No way man.  

   Today while I was working out, I pondered on how sometimes we adapt our personalities to please others.  The more I thought about it, the more I think I've done this exact thing for years and years!  I've tried to be the person that I imagined my boyfriend would want..  then he became my husband, so I tried to adapt to that.  Immediately after I adapted to Motherhood, and the expectations that the world had on me as a Mother.  I began following God again, but instead of finding my identity in Him, I tried to adapt to the identity I thought he would want me to have.  
    One thing I've learned about Motherhood is this...  God created everything in all of us for a particular purpose.  I've tried to mold each of my kids into cookie cutters more than once, and they just don't fit.  I think its beautiful that God gave me four personalities to personally shepherd day after day, only to make me realize that he made them all different, and that their differences make them who they are for His purposes.
  However, I've never been so kind as to think of myself in that manner.  
    It's far past time I've done this.
   All of the sudden- Blogtober didn't sound like such a bad thing.
  Blogging is something I  so much enjoy!  
  Something that fills me, and something that I've loved to do my whole life.
  Perhaps this Blogtober challenge, writing and being introspective every day, will open up a door to something that I'm finding.
   Furthermore, I want to push away things that try to mold who I am.  Certain blogs will be off my reading list...  I also deleted the icons for instagram off of my phone (I didn't delete my whole account this time- yet!  LOL!)  And facebook is a thing of the past for me.  I want to challange myself to just stay away from those, so there aren't so many voices in my head telling me what my life is, who I am and who I'm supposed to be.  I want to find myself, accomplish a few goals that I've set for myself...  and allow myself to be changed.  
   So perhaps it seems as if I'm taking Blogtober to a new level.  And certainly, I won't be able to blog every day...  but I think it will be something special, at least a way to find out what parts of me still thrives when I write!  
   Also, a reason to get up early in the morning!  

   ALSO!  My escape from social media for the month also includes Google Plus, so you won't be getting email notifications about my post from now on.  If you would like to follow, click on the "follow" link on the right, and you can follow me on your blogger reading list :)  I love being old-fashioned, and google plus just is no longer 'doing it' for me lol.  :)  

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