Monday, October 30, 2017

Blogtober: Last Post

Blogtober: Days 29 & 30 Combined

   I haven't done well for Blogtober.  I have blogged a LOT more!  I blogged as many times in the month of October as I had between March- September!  So I guess I kept up better than I imagined!   I didn't even do half of the posts, but that's okay!  I wanted to do this to find out what blogging really was to my life..  and somehow through the haphazard posting and small insights, I may not have discovered a lot- but I thought 29 & 30 were wonderful, because they could go together for this post!
  Follow along with me, lol.
  And there will be no 31.  My family and I have never, and will never celebrate Halloween in any way.  So no.  We will be home listening to Christmas music and partaking in some sort of Christmas baking.  So don't knock on our door..   :)  We love you though!
  I digress!

  October has been so very busy.  It hasn't slowed down.  Soccer, trips, birthdays, parades, ballgames, schoolwork, busywork, out of town visits for my children..  the month has been full of running around like crazy.  I've felt so out-of-sorts and busy that I feel I haven't accomplished much, but I have accomplished something.
   This month I started a womens bible study at church.  It was definitely a big step for me.  I started taking a Womens ministry course online through Southeastern Biblical Seminary this year.  It has been so insightful and I've learned so much in just a few short weeks in this class.  I'm so thankful, and I'm enjoying it so very much!  However, going into this ministry was a step in the dark.  There aren't many women who are even available to come.  Lots have other obligations.  Yet, I still felt the nudge and the need to begin.  It hasn't been incredible..  the most women that have attended were three, and one evening I was there alone.  Yet, for what its worth, it has done something incredible in my life...
   It has gotten ME into the word.  
   And that could change everything.

   I think I've spent most of our time in ministry being a Martha..  and I really need to learn to be a Mary.  I really believe, with all of my heart, that God is using this bible study to call me to study my Bible.  To call me to reach out to others, even though it may just be one or two, or none at all..  I believe he's using this to discipline me and grow my spiritual walk with him..  and to me, that's life-altering!
   I find myself on Sunday morning digging excitedly my bag of pens out of my church bag (you will soon know why I said "pens" rather than "pen"  I do have a bag, full of pens for my bible study, and I intend to share with you how I use them!)  I find myself hanging on every word of scripture that my husband teaches about.  I find myself excited to be a part of his word!  So although the Bible study perhaps isn't touching anyone else- its moving mountains for me.

   My plans for November include...
   Becoming the person I always wanted to be....
           .......  not being angry at my kids for being kids..  learning to please God rather than man...  not worrying about what other people's perceptions of me are, and learning to be myself regardless of acceptance from others.....  having the will power to lose just 3 lbs (more on that number Saturday for my weigh in...) ....  becoming intentional...  swapping out social media apps with She Reads Truth for the month of November, to curve what I do during my 'down' moments when I usually scroll social media....   read one book for myself...  read one entire chapter book to each of my children...  have a fantastic school month ... learn to be slower.

    So that my friends may seem like a lot..  but it will all be in baby steps.
   How do you move a mountain, my friend?

             One spoonful at a time.

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