Thursday, October 19, 2017

Blogtober Day: 19, your Freshly made bed

Well, at first I thought this was strange!  Then when I saw some posts others had made, I realied that
my bed looked pale in comparison to some of the pinterest worthy posts!  So I thought..  perhaps I should share about that!  

    When I moved into this beautiful farm house...  it was obvious that I was going to have a lot more room to decorate!  I immediately jumped in, room by room, planning and pinning on my boards.  I spent lots of money on amazon..  I litereally spent more money in Hobby Lobby on flowers than I normally would spend buying clothing for myself...  after time after time dipping into the Home Goods store, I finally stepped back and said..  enough is enough.  I had spent so much time building so many beautiful things, that didn't look like the home on the cover of Southern Living AT ALL.  So why keep trying?  How could my beautifully decorated mantle even be seen amid all of the Lego people lining it?  What good was that well-positioned decor on the buffet table when it was pushed back to hold all of our school books?  Then, I realized something that I had realized from instagram years ago.  It was staged.
   You would be surprised if you really dug really deep to see what staging was all about.
   Instagram people who make money by wearing certain clothes sent to them by companies impressed by their following- certain products and even foods...  yes...  people on instagram are paid just to take a picture of themselves with products.  It's a stage.
   Bloggers?  Well, there are a lot of blog companies that I have found that are legitimate, here's a product, you can have it for free and write an honest reveiw.  But more than once I've found so many bloggers who write something because they are getting paid to do it.  Even when you have a negative review, you are encouraged to pick out the good points that overpower the bad points that you mentioned about the particular item you are posting about.  It's staged.  
   So next time you are scrolling through social media and you see something and think..  WOW!  I wish my house looked like that!  Don't get discouraged.  There's nothing wrong with nice things, but they don't have to be perfect.  Be thankful that your house looks lived in!  Be thankful that God gave you the gifts of your children, who leave things all over the house.. and thankful for all the fingerprints on the windows and spills on the kitchen floor..  be thankful for them, because God trusted you with those precious lives!  
   So here is my not so pinterest-perfect freshly made bed!  Our bed is nothing special, we literally got our mattress for under 300.00 on Amazon, but its memory foam and we sleep so well at night!  Our headboard was under 100 bucks on Amazon as well!  My sweet Mama got my comforter for 25.00 at Home goods for my birthday, and believe it or not the LOVE pillow as just as expensive as my comforter lol!  The pillow shams on top- 12.00 at home goods, and the bottom, 5.99 at Walmart!    Nothing fancy..  nothing flashy, and hey, I would LOVE to have more throw pillows but just can't bring myself to spending that much!  So here's my freshly made bed, without pictures of the rest of my bedroom which is basically just walls and walls of Pastors books...   in my well-loved, well-lived home, that is FAR from pinterest perfect, but makes my heart happy :)  

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