Monday, October 16, 2017

Blogtober, Catchup time!

Well its certainly been an eventful, busy weekend!  My Mother-in-law visited with us, and it was such a blessing to spend time with her, and just what we needed in some of our discouragements lately.  I'm so thankful that she came, and will play catch up with this weekend in my Happy Homemaker Monday posts.
   I really haven't ignored Blogtober, I've read all the prompts for this weekend and took the time to take the photos and write a short blog here and there, but since they were so short, I wanted to put them all together in one big 'catchup' post for the weekend!  Go big or go home, right? :)  So here goes!!

Day 14: Favorite Spot in your home

    We moved into a 5br farmhouse back in June.  First, we made four bedrooms our living space (the boy share a room) and the fifth downstairs we made into a guest bedroom.  It worked out well since we had several visitors this summer, and was especially helpful for my pregnant sister, since the bathroom was downstairs.  However, most of the time people ended up sleeping in Lacey's bedroom with the bigger bed, and she ended up staying with Callie, so the guest bedroom was so empty all the time.  
Finally, when school started back, I decided my need for a school room was more than the need for a guest bedroom, so we moved the bed upstairs to a little nook in the hallway, turned it sideways like a daybed, and left it there.
   Soon, this became the spot where my kiddos and I would read together.  It was soft and welcoming, the down comforter was cloud-like and comfortable.  And for all the nights of Desperaux, BFG and many, many many Berenstain Bears and Eric Carle books, this spot has been our 'home' before we go off to our own beds in the evening...  so quickly, it has become my favorite spot :)

Another favorite spot of mine is not a spot "in" my house, but on my porch...  its so calm and serene.....

Day 15: One Goal for this Month

    I'm a goal person.  That's obvious!  Before I set new goals, I like to list the ones I have achieved.  I have seriously changed my game of drinking things.  I've cut caffeine out except for the occasional glass of tea.  If I have a soft drink, I opt for Sprite, on the rare occasion that I choose soft drinks. I've been drinking unsweet tea and lemonade, and as much water as possible.  I feel so so so much better, and since I started weight watchers again a couple of weeks ago, I'm not 'drinking' all of my ww points!  So yay! for setting goals and conquering!!!
    The one thing that I've been working on a long time is getting up earlier.  I'm just not a morning person.  For us homeschoolers, 7am is pretty early!  I have pretty regularly gotten up at 7am on weekdays for most of our homeschooling life.  However, I've always yearned for a little more time in the mornings.  I hate working out while the kids are eating and getting ready for the day, and it usually makes our school day drag out to begin around 930 am.  Which is okay, but I'm also usually running around getting my morning chores done while my kids work independently.  I really would rather have my workout done by 7am, shower, and spend the time before 8 (when the kiddos get up) doing my morning devotions, having morning tea and spending my blogging time.  Which means I need to get up around 6, and start my workout no later than 6:15.  So that's my goal, a 10 pm bedtime, and a 6am wake up time.  You would think that wouldn't be so hard, but for me, somehow it is!  

Day 16: On my desk

   I don't actually have a desk, lol.  My husband does, and both of my older homeschooled kids do.  But I do not.  My desk is kind of wherever I find myself!  I have all of my school things organized in boxes and baskets, but as far as a desk, I kind of park wherever!
   So today my 'desk' is on my dining room table!  Complete with my laptop and my amazing teacup I got from the teacup exchange a couple of weeks ago.  It's a lovely morning to catch up on some blogging!  So here's my 'desk' this morning :)

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