Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blogtober: 12- My husband!

  Welcome to my attempt to Blogtober, in the middle of the month :)
    Today is my first attempt at keeping up with blogtober, starting in the middle of the month.  Day 12, for me is the perfect day to start...
     Day 12;  my husband!
  One of my favorite writing subjects :)

   This guy wears many, many hats.  He's a husband and a father.  He's a son and a brother.  He's a friend and a mentor.  He's a Pastor and a coach.  He's the love of my life, my spiritual leader, and my best friend.  That's quite a lot of hats.
   It's funny that he should be today's writing prompt.  Last night after my first women's bible study, I sent him a text to see if he could come to the church to help me turn off all the lights and air, so I didn't forget anything.  For some reason, five minutes later when he walked in the door..  kind of shyly because the other ladies weren't gone yet and he had came 'as is' with his undershirt on lol...  I realized that I so adore that man.  Immediately, he came to help me, without hesitation.  Something so simple that he could have just told me what to do..  and there he was to serve me.  As he always is when I need him to be.  I rarely realize just how thankful I should be to have him.
   Last night I came home and had a million conversations to be had.  I needed to talk to my mother-in-law about last nights study... I needed to talk to a lady who could not attend about what we did in the meeting.  I needed to vent to my sisters about something that was heavy on my mind.  At first it started with just text messages, but next thing I knew, I had sat beside my husband, silently staring at my screen for over an hour...  when I had all the opportunity in the world to spend some quality time with the amazing, handsome guy in the chair beside me, and his undivided attention.  
   I did feel the pang of guilt last night, but this morning as I sat down to read my morning portion of "Hands Free Mama," It hit me again.  The passage for today was actually about her focusing on none other than my husband.  Rachel says, 
   "When I took an honest look, I admitted that out of all the areas in my life that I had rescued from the damage of distraction, I had failed to protect one area as fiercely as the others.
   My relationship with my husband."
   Ohhh.  Ouch!  
   I'm SO guilty of this!  I spend so much time during the day being intentionally focused on taking time to put the phone down, that I miss the target when it comes to him.  It's so easy, once the kids are asleep to allow myself time to 'vege out' on my phone.  Last night I wasn't mindlessly scrolling through a news feed or an instagram page...  I was actually connecting, and it was helping me so much.  It wasn't the fact that I did check my phone, it was the fact that I poured myself into it for so so long...  rather than paying any attention to him.  It's something that I really need to work on.
   He's as much a part of my Hands Free journey as any!  This weekend we got to spend some much needed alone time together.  We walked on the beach hand in hand...  and talked about things we hadn't talked about in a long time.  I enjoyed the touch of his hand and how strong he felt by my side.  How safe I felt in his embrace.  I was thankful that this man who I adored was also the man I could pour my heart out too about spiritual matters...  whom I could confide in and allow into the depths of my heart.  I truly am so blessed to have him as a husband, to walk through this life with him.  It makes it easier to be so far from 'home' when I can realize that I brought my whole heart with me here when my husband and children came with me.  I was so thankful for this strong, handsome man by my side that evening...
   Unfortunately, I spent most of the ride home staring at a screen.  And this day, I truly regret that.
   It's funny, how giving up one bad habit can lead to another.  As I temporarily removed the distraction of social media, somehow I get pulled into news stories.  I've never been a news person...  but those stories just pull me in now.  Somehow, someway I need to lessen the pull of that tiny computer that goes everywhere that I do.  Not just when I'm around my children.  My relationship with my husband is one of Gods most precious gifts that he has given me.  I need to make certain I don't let that slip through my fingers...
   My gosh, how I love this man...

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  1. You got to love them husbands that come to our rescues in the time of need. Thanks for sharing. What did you do for today? #13 was missing from picture. That is one reason I haven't written yet. I mean I know it's Friday the 13th,,bahsaaaaa Love ya girl