Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Weigh In!

   Here we are again friends!  This week comes again and again, and I feel myself not succeeding.  But at least I'm being consistent in posting lol!
   Join me and some friends over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink for Saturday Weigh Ins!!
   Also, for the past three weeks I've posted this, I've not gained anything, so sometimes maintaining is a triumph in itself..  since I've been up and down now for weeks.
  My friends, I found one of my favorite photos of all time, and I want to share it with you, because it sums up how I was raised.

   Now obviously this photo was before my time, that is my grandmother on the far right..  but as you can see, my family has always really enjoyed soft drinks.  I remember growing up, my Mom and I lived with my grandmother the first several years of my life.  She would buy grape soda, and we called it "juice".  Growing up I don't remember drinking water...  at all.  It's been my drug of choice that has followed me through the years.
   This week, rather than my daily 1 liter from the store and having some at home, I've cut WAY back.  I think I've had two from the store this week?  And a couple of sprites, and none at home.  I have been drinking sweet tea, but its been decaf sweet tea.  So I haven't made enough change to see changes, but I have made a big change and have cut WAY back on caffeine.  
    Since I've not drank as much caffeine, I can start to see how it affects me when I do.  It makes me snappy and irritable.  It makes me anxious and uneasy.  It can make a good day really bad for me, and makes me SO terribly tired in the evenings.  Caffeine is just not my friend.  It will do me so much good to cut it out!
   I went a step further today when my husband and I were in the grocery store, and did not buy any decaf teabags.  As much as I wanted too, I just didn't.  So this week I'm going to try to drink more water, no soft drinks at all, and start to lesson my sugar intake.  
   Withdrawls of any kind are no fun, but I know that they are coming.  I'm prepared to fight the headaches, and to have some grace with myself.  I'm sure that rest will be much needed, and I'm willing to do it, to go through the feeling bad to know that I will certainly start to feel better.  
   When I lost about 10 lbs in 2015 I did so by drinking diet drinks...  but that's not working anymore.  A few weeks ago I switched to Diet Dr. Pepper to help my caffeine intake and had the worst headaches imaginable.  So I suppose I have a sensitivity to that now.  I did buy some Stevia back when I started reading Trim Healthy Mama, and I do have a couple of jars of unsweetened decaf tea for those really bad moments when I just have to have something besides water.  But that's my plan this week, and I'm allowing myself to have baby steps.
   I'm still having a horrible time getting up in the mornings.  Now don't get me wrong, when I say 'sleeping in' I'm still up by 730, but I want to get up earlier than that, so I can have some time to workout, have some quiet devotion time, and shower before the kids are up and moving.  My husband is home every morning now except Monday until around 830, so that gives me time to workout just a little before school because he can do all the breakfast stuff with the kids...  but I still need some time to unwind, to myself.  I've decided if I'm going to have quiet time and workout though, I'm simply going to have to do the Make Over my Mornings course in the evenings, but I'm thinking- maybe that will give me motivation to get started on it in the mornings!  
    I have been doing MUCH better with bedtimes.  Nowadays we read around 8, which puts the kids in bed around 845.  I have still been letting them watch a movie, which I really want to stop...  but again- baby steps.  
   This week promises to be a busy one.  School, all week.  I also start my first class through Southeastern Biblical Seminary on Monday.  We also have soccer practice on Monday, and I have a WMU meeting in the next town, I haven't decided which one of those I'm going to do.  Womens bible study starts this Wednesday, prayer meeting and choir practice is Thursday, and my Mom is coming into town on Friday.  Busy busy, but we will make it!  Here's to a successful week, and a better weigh in next Saturday!

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  1. Making changes is so very hard. Praying that you have a wonderful, productive week!