Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday: 9/18/17

Monday again, already?  How did last week go by so fast?
Oh well- at least it's Happy Homemaker Monday with Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
So lets get on with the week! :)

The Weather
   It's been hot again!  I am missing the cool breezes and crisp air..   but we did have a wonderful family-only beach trip on Friday that was very refreshing!  So I'm not complaining too much!  Everyone told me it doesn't get cool that quickly down here, so I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up!  Oh well, hopefully boots season is around the corner, but maybe we can squeeze in a few more beach days before then!

Right Now I Am
   Preparing our school day and catching up with you lovely folks! :)

On My Reading Pile
   As much as I'd like to say I've tackled some books on my pile, the only books I've read this week have been with my kiddos.  We have started reading Desperaux again with my oldest son, and the BFG with my youngest daughter.  So although I haven't gotten my own personal reading time in, I've so enjoyed that time with them!

Something fun to share
    I've decided to join up with a Saturday Weigh In over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink :)  I'm very excited about this!  Come join us friends!!!

I am thankful for
   My husband, my kids, and my church family

In the kitchen
Monday-- We have our first soccer practices tonight, so likely something fast like hot dogs
Tuesday-- Spaghetti with salads
Wednesday -- Traveling to a doctors appointment for my youngest son, so we will be eating out all day (It's a 4 hour trip one way...)
Thursday-- Chicken Casserole, dinner with friends!
Friday-- Tacos/Enchiladas

On of my simple pleasures
  Funny story.  I tried to update my phone on Friday overnight.  The next morning I realized I had been locked out, and I'm not sure what is wrong with it.  Although its been a pain since I don't have my contacts, I've been using my daughters phone which doesn't have as many apps on it, and I only have about half of the phone numbers that I used too.  All in all, its been a quiet few days, and I haven't felt as attached to my phone as I was before.  This used to be something I felt really passionate about, and tried hard to be intentional about.  Perhaps its time to revisit some of those media fasts that I used to do in the past.....  but it has been a pleasure, re-evaluating just how attached I really was.

Devo./ Scripture


  1. What a great quote! Hope all goes well at the dr. appt. for your son. Have a great week :)


    1. THanks so much lady! He has hearing trouble, so it's always a hard appointment, but hopefully it will go well!