Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday, and Exciting News!!!


Good morning!!
   Happy Homemaker Monday has quickly became my favorite post!  I enjoy taking this time to blog and to share, and to catch up on some friends who I have enjoyed following!  It's so neat to see this time in space for so many people in so many parts of the country!  Love it!
   And I do have some exciting news!!!! For those who have been following!!

    This Sunday my husband announced to the church he was serving as the youth minister, and has been for the past year that he was moving forward.  It was bittersweet.  We have been there over a year now, and grown close to many of the members there.  We have grown and been mentored and challenged.  The youth has been incredible, and my husband dearly loves them with all of his heart.  It's been a learning and growing time in our ministry, and we are so thankful that our journey here at the Bible college has included this time at the church, and thankful for all we've learned from it.
   However, our time at the church, as well as our time here at Fruitland, has came to an end.  

   Yesterday my husband was voted, 100% unanimously as Pastor of a church on the other end of the state, in the coastal town of Columbia NC.  *insert really excited and extremely nervous smiling here!*
   He has preached twice and we have visited twice.  Once with the children and once without.  Without a doubt, it feels like home.  It felt like we belonged there the moment we walked in the doors.  Although it was hard for me to accept at first, being between 4-6 hours away from my family, I knew all along that was where we were supposed to be.  It has been a long month as we have been awaiting the vote since the beginning of May.  Yet in our hearts we felt like it was certainly the place that God had in mind for us all along.  
   I'll never forget the day my husband took me to get coffee and told me that he had seen the church posting at his school and felt like he needed to send his resume.  He printed it out and we really prayed about it.  That was much further than we had originally had in mind.  He has assumed that he wouldn't do that, that he couldn't do that to me.  I told him to go to Staples...  we purchased a manila envelope and prayerfully put the packet in the mail.  Although he had sent out a few resumes before, this one really felt different. Its been four months since that day, and its taken that long for me to really have it set in my heart.  I'm honored, and humbled to accept this call with my husband.  Please be in prayer for us, for although we have been here for a year and a half, surrounded by Pastors wives and Godly women, I still feel so inadequate to take on this role.  I feel like my husband is ready, I have seen it in him for months now.  Just remember us when you pray!  It's a big change.  Hard both to leave campus, to move further from family, and to change our lives.  But I know this has been in Gods mind since my creation, so I know that he has it under control, and has big, amazing plans to use us.  
   So on to Happy Homemaker Monday!!!

The weather:::
This weekend turned out wonderful!!  I was so thankful!  We planned a joint birthday party for the boys on Saturday and I prayed so hard that the rain in the forecast would come and go!  As we are still in the small campus apartment I knew that there would not be enough room for party guests to enjoy themselves, and what do you know, the rain was prayed away!  It's supposed to be rainy and in the 60s this week, but that's okay, I would take it for a beautiful 80 degree party day surprise!  

On my reading pile:::
   I don't plan to get much reading done the next few weeks.  With graduation and visiting family in the mountains, dance recitals this week and moving in the next few weeks, there won't be much freetime.  Hudson and I are enjoying reading Desperaux together!  Callie and I hope to start a book together this week also, and we got four new Berenstein Bears books for the birthdays.  Yay!  I also began in Scarlett again, and started Sally Clarkson's The Life Giving Home this morning.  I can't wait to find a new home!  

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
   We have been on a Star Wars binge lately lol.  Over the past couple of weeks we have watched all of the first prequels as well as the ones made in the 70s.  We finished Return of the Jedi last night.  It was amazing, I didn't remember it being that good.  We also got The Force Awakens for the boys birthday, so we are excited about watching that sometime this week!

On the menu for this week:::
 Look at me!  I have a menu plan!  Whoo hoo!!
    Monday:  Pizza, for our recital rehearsal evening.
    Tuesday: Slow cooker Philly cheese steaks
    Wednesday: Hot dogs (dance recital 1!)
    Thursday:  Crock Pot Tomato Beef Macaroni Soup (from my friend, Meredith's blog!)
     Friday: Probably going out with family after dance recital 2

On my to do list:::
  Ohhh my lol.
   We don't have dance this week but we do have rehearsals.  We also have a recital both on Wednesday and Friday.  This is also testing week (Eeek!) so we have review today, Hudson will be testing tomorrow and the girls will be testing on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday we have another recital, then the girls are spending some time with grandparents over the weekend, and I will be going up on Wednesday to spend some time with family, get my hair colored and go see my cousin graduate high school.  In all of this I still have two essays to write for my Ethics class, orientation to complete for my online classes through Southeastern that begin this fall, devotions to write and edit for the book the ladies on campus are putting together, and bible study this week which should be nice.  Not to mention wedding and prom pics to finish editing.  

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

   Wedding photos and a devotional book!

Looking around the house:::

   We had a fantastic weekend, after the party on Saturday my sister and her family spent the night!  So I tried hard to keep the house clean while they were here.  There's still some things here and there that could use cleaning lol, but its not too terrible.  

From the camera:::
Cooking out with the families on campus!  We are gonna miss these guys...

Here's a few birthday party pics!  I took some great ones and will share more later, but here's some of the Star Wars inspired face painting that my oldest daughter did for the party!  she's so crazy talented!

And we enjoyed so much having our cousins Ev and Norah to spend the weekend!  Here's Norah and Sawyer, being Darth and his Storm Trooper of course!

and since I'm a total dork, I bought this to drink when I bought the Force Awakens, and my kids thought it was fantastic...

What I'm wearing today:::
   Yoga pants and a tshirt, still haven't gotten ready for the day

One of my simple pleasures:::
  Saturday my oldest son and I went to Ingles to pick up some last minute things for the party.  On the way in the door, we walked by the flowers.  He literally stopped, bent down and smelled them.  It made me smile.  Truly, stopping to smell the flowers.  :)  Lovely.

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share::: 

LInk up with your Happy Homemaker Monday quotes HERE!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to your husband and your family at your momentous news!

    Such a sweet comment about your son actually stopping to smell the flowers!!

    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you so much! We are so blessed and excited!!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! I know God has great plans for your family! I love you so much !

    1. I love you so much and I'm SO glad that I have you to walk with me through this. Love you so so so much.

  3. Congratulations to your husband and family on the exciting news! Glad the rain held off for the party. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Congratulations, this is a big step for y'all. With God's help I am sure it will prosper. Just keep in mind you are human, and we all fall short. Being a Pastors wife does not exclude you from that. Just know that you always have God to rely on if times get tough. Not one Pastors wife is super human. Praying for you dear friend as for your husbands new journey of leading the flock. Love you bunches.

    1. Thanks so much sweet lady! I have found that throughout life, trying to be superwoman and just being human.. but you're absolutely right! Thank you so much for all of your encouragement along the way! Love you so much!

  5. I love this post. Creative way to share info. I'm excited for you guys and your new journey!