Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 5/15/07

The weather:::
While we were out of town early last week the weather was really drastic.  It went from cool and in the upper 60s to a beautiful 80s the day we spent at the pool!  It was fantastic!   I've heard this week is going to feel like summer.  I am so ready for summer!  I think at least lol!

On my reading pile:::
   It's been a long, stressful few weeks without much reading at all!  A couple of nights ago my son and I began reading Desperaux, and usually even reading children's books can give me better focus and encourage me to read my own.  Planning on picking back up on Scarlett this week!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
   I feel like its been a week of endings :(  I finished Hart of Dixie this past week, then Sunday was the season finale of Once Upon a Time where the series as we know it pretty much wrapped up, going into season 7 without several of the original characters.  It was a fantastic ending, but left me sad.  It's been a big chapter in my life for the past few years.  I know that sounds silly, lol, but true!  Reign is wrapping up too, so all my shows are coming to an end!  What's a girl to do?

On my TV:::

  Finishing Reign, looking for something else to keep my interest!  Hubby and I are still watching the Crown, but its a slow process given our crazy lives lately!  Oh, and Star Wars. It seems to always be on my TV lately lol.  I treated my kids to A New Hope Saturday night, and have The Empire Strikes back in my Netflix queue.  I loved Star Wars growing up, so its neat that they have all taken an interest!

On the menu for this week:::
...  there's that question again lol! 

On my to do list:::
  We have a lot of cleaning to do this week!  We are transitioning to the end of school...  we will be finishing up this week and testing next week..  so we have to go through our school stuff and see what we are finishing and what we are putting off until next year to finish.  Also a lot of our family will be coming this upcoming weekend to celebrate both my boys birthday party, so I do want the house to look nice for that.  So a lot of cleaning!  We are also wrapping up dance with recitals next week, so we have costume classes this week.  We have also tried really hard to get Callie to riding every week the month of May in case we are moving in June, and she's done amazing!  She spent her Saturday working at the barn as well, so she really enjoyed that!  I love the confidence that she has gained through riding!  It's been such a blessing!  
    I also REALLY need to get the wedding photos finished editing, not to mention some more devotions written for the campus book.  There's a lot on our plate right now, but summer is just around the corner!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

   Nothing usual, unless you do consider wedding photos creating, which I believe that they are in their own way!

Looking around the house:::

  Better than usual, but could use some help lol...

From the camera:::
   Amazing photos from our family trip to Pigeon Forge last week!  We celebrated Hudson's 8th birthday!  My Mom, my sister and brother in law and their kids joined us!  It was so much fun!  

We also found this amazing Storm Trooper outfit in the Disney Outlet lol, and he's not taken it off very much ever since...

What I'm wearing today:::
   Still in my PJs and fleece robe.  Have yet to get ready for the day!

One of my simple pleasures:::
  Today was the first day in a LONG time I've actually gotten up and taken the time to read devotions and books.  It was really nice.  I had a strange dream that shook me up quite a bit, so its nice to get my thoughts together before tackling the day.  

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share::: 

   If you have been praying for our families ministry journey, please continue to do so.  We should know by Sunday whether or not the ministry position will be ours or not.  It will change absolutely everything in our lives, so needless to say- this is something that we've all been holding our breath waiting for the answer!   Thank you for your continued prayers, and for following my new blog as it goes in a different direction.  So this week, this is what is on my heart....


  1. It looks like you all had a lot of fun in Pigeon Forge! Hope the end of schooling and preparing for next year goes well. Will look forward to hearing what happens with your family's ministry journey.

  2. A pool day already? Wow, I'm waiting for one of those around here (our local pools generally don't open until Memorial Day weekend...). Looks like you had a wonderful family trip. Hope you have a great week ahead!

    1. I was excited! It was around 80 but it was a hotel with a heated pool, so that helped. I thought it was chilly lol but the kids had a blast!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time in Pigeon Forge!! Have a great week!