Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Duncans Do Disney: Epcot!

  Its been awhile since the rest of my Disney posts, its just hard sometimes to find the time to sit down and actually write a blog!  Epcot however was my favorite, and the last thing I wanted to do was rush through it!

    The most ironic thing about Epcot being my favorite park was that it was almost the park we didn't do!  Our original plan was to spend all day Thursday at the resort.  Then my sister and I stared doing fast passes and realized something that was just not going to go over well with my sweet little guy.  The meet and greets were all going well until we realized who was at Epcot...
       Princess Anna.  
   Sawyer is absolutely in love with Princess Anna.  Frozen is one of his favorite movies, and she is his favorite person in the world.  He has an Anna teddy bear from Build-a-bear.  Don't get me wrong, this cape-wearing, light saber yielding guy is all boy..  but there's a place in his heart with Anna in it, and nobody else fills that place!  Or even comes close!

   So Epcot was a go, and Frozen Fever was our first must- do ride!  We could not do a fast pass for this, so we planned to go early.  We did have to wait awhile, but this ride was SO worth the wait!  We also got the best ride photograph of all time.  Check out Hudson on the second row, lol.  Love it.  But the ride was really incredible, something that everyone should do!

      We really enjoyed meeting some fun characters at Epcot!  Baymax was really neat since he wasn't a traditional looking character.  Joy and Sadness were amazing, they played with the kids, danced with them and even worked out with them.  It was the greatest!  We waited in line a long time to meet them, but it was so so worth it!  They took the time to make the kids feel special, which was awesome!

The food at Epcot is something else!  We tried some 'snacks' at the little stands that were so different!  Epcot, as you know is set up as countries all over the world!  It was fun to visit the different countries, and try the food from different places!  Some of the 'snacks' were actually food, such as noodles or chicken, so we were very full the entire time we were there!  We didn't get to do a lot of dining, but the snacks were amazing!  For lunch we had Steak and Shrimp from the Liberty Inn, and it was amazing!!!!  Traveling 'the world' was so much fun!!!

I believe that my favorite was France!  And the Macaroons were amazing!!!

After lunch, we finally traveled to Norway to meet the Princess that we came to Epcot to visit....

 And yes, I did cry, and yes, she was beautiful and the moment was SO amazing!!!!

 Norah loved Elsa so very much!!

Sawyer loved her too, but didn't embrace her as he did her sister lol!

Didn't wanna make Anna jealous, afterall!  LOL!

We met lots of amazing characters at Epcot!

Callie was also so excited to meet her favorite Princess, Belle :)

We all Absolutely LOVED Epcot!!

We were lucky enough to be visiting during the Flower and Garden festival!  I was very excited about this!  It's a busy time of year, but everything was absolutley breathtaking and beautiful!

Soarin' was also one of our favorite rides in all of Disney!  I'm deathly afraid of heights, lol..  but somehow it didn't bother me.  It was absolutely beautiful!!!  Everyone road the Nemo ride with the younger kids while me, Callie Ev and Lacey visited with princesses, so they said that it was also fantastic.  There was apparently an aquarium at the end of the ride that was so much fun, especially since my kids are big fans of sea life!  

We left somewhat early at Epcot because we were tired.  It was the last day of our trip and we had been going hard for four days, so there was so much that we have yet to see at this beautiful park!  I am so glad that we took the time to visit!  
That evening we had dinner at our resort, and just to mention the Landscape of Flavors restaurant at the Art of Animation resort is to die for!  I had the fettuccini alfredo with chicken..  oh my goodness!  It was so good!
This was by far the best vacation that I've ever had in my life!  It was so special, with the best memories I have had!  I love Disney, and miss it so much!