Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Let them be children

   Brother is my early riser.  It's really hard for me to get out of bed before he does...  but I love it when he gets up.  I'm usually sitting in my chair by that time, bundled in a blanket and kindle in hand.  He comes into the living room, and he's sooooo affectionate.  He smiles so sweetly, and tells me good morning like just seeing me brightens his day.  I hope it does..  because just seeing him does mine...

 He cuddles with me and I wrap my blanket around him..  but he stirs quickly, as little boys do.  He loves to read books, so sometimes he climbs into our reading nook with his piles upon piles of Berenstain Bears and Pigeon books.  Other times he chooses a box out of his room filled with some of his favorite toys and brings those onto the table to play.  He plays, quietly for him..  and he thinks, and its one of the rare times we are alone so he can talk to me about what is on his mind and his heart.

 The other morning as I was getting back into my devotion, I heard his voice crack, almost in tears.  I looked up and asked what was wrong...   I gathered my boy, now with tears filling his beautiful brown eyes into my lap and rubbed his back, since that is his favorite..  and he answered...

   "I'm wild.  I'll never get rid of my wild."  He said through little tears.  My heart broke.  I prayed..  what could I say?  His words had brought the strongest conviction my heart could bear.

   "Sweetheart..." I said, opening my heart to Gods words...  "You are Gods warrior.  God never made boys to be quiet and calm all the time.  God put the heart of a warrior in you, so its okay if sometimes you are wild.  God made boys a little wild."  He smiled.
   All the times I told him, "calm down."  Not because he was being too overly loud, or hurting anyone..  just because I expect him to be more like me.  More clam, more reserved.  God knew what he was doing when he put the six of us in this apartment.  He knew that we would come to know one another so intimately, and come to learn to live together, on one house, with so many different needs, hearts and desires.  He knew that Mama was reserved, introverted and calm..  and that Brother bear was a little wild..  and that somehow those two kinds of people exist everywhere in the world, everywhere in our churches, in our communities..  in our classrooms, and will exist in eternity.  And by my sweet boy's morning musings, he showed me his heart..  and taught me its okay that he is a 'little wild'.
   Let them be children.. let them be a little wild.  After all, all the best things in life are....

My dear sweet little boy..  your Mommy, and Your Heavenly Father who created you love you, exactly the way that you are...  never forget that...  my sunshine.

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