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Finding a Math Curriculum that works!!!


  Math.  Not my favorite subject.  Not even close.   When I was in school, I never remember enjoying math.  I did get into the higher math classes in high school somehow, but still struggled when I was in college.  No, math was never my strong suit, nor was it something that I really enjoyed teaching.
   When it came to homeschooling my kids, naturally math was one area that I was never overly confident in.  Math in the lower grades was easy breezy.  Then we began 7th grade math.  Yikes....
   We started 7th grade math with Life of Fred.  That was working really well for my elementary age daughter, so we began with Fractions and Decimals just to make sure we covered all of the ground that I needed too.  About 2/3 of the way through Fractions I realized it wasn't working.  Even worse, I was having *so* much trouble explaining exactly what was going wrong.  Homeschooling two other kids made it even more difficult to take the time I needed to reteach myself how to do math...  I really needed some help!

Finding an online math curriculum seemed like the best choice!

   With something online it actually walked my daughter through the lesson, and if she had any questions it was easier for me to learn how to do the classes myself.  It took the troublesome work out of trying to follow through, or in the case of Fred, reading several chapters myself.  She was quickly moving ahead of me in her knowledge of math, and I simply didn't have time to catch up!

   We began teaching textbooks, not an online program, but one that has teaching CD's available.   This curriculum was okay, but that's all that could be said about it.  We then moved forward to Math-u-See which had became the favorite math course for my younger children.  However, I know from my years as a homeschool Mom that curriculum is very rarely a one size fit all, and when it came to Algebra in Math-U-See, it was neither loved nor disliked, but we were still lacking in certain areas.  Some areas my daughter was scoring great in, then in others she just still wasn't understanding.
    I had the opportunity to review Mr. D's Math curriculum for compensation, and I'm glad that we asked to do so!

   I had never heard of Mr. D's math before we reviewed this product.  Most likely because this is an upper-level math curriculum, and this was honestly our first year actually diving into Algebra.

Finding a Math curriculum that works

    The very first impression I had of Mr. D's math was an amazing one.  Mr. DeNoia personally conversed with me before we began the course.  He was very polite and approachable!  Before we even began the courses my daughter I and I felt like we were on a friendly basis with Mr. D!  He even mentioned that during his teaching in a public school system he had a student that shared the same name as my daughter.  How awesome that he would remember!  I was thankful that was very polite and easy to relate too, as that works very well for my daughter.  We began the self-paced version of his math curriculum, and both of us were just blown away by how wonderful it was!!!

Finding a Math Curriculum that works

   Mr. D is totally practical in his explanation of how Algebra works.  It is very much on a common sense level that actually, and finally makes sense to both of us!  He really breaks down the complicated parts of Algebra into terms that we can actually understand, like the video above of Skipper and how language is different to us as it is to dogs..  just like Math language is different than common language.

Finding a Math Curriculum that worksFinding a Math Curriculum that Works

    The layout of the program is by far the most simple of all of the math programs that I have tried to this point!  It's so easy to navigate the lessons and assignments, and all of the grades are so easy to access and understand!  I absolutely love how simple the navigation of this course is!  And how neat and organized!  I'm a big fan of having something in a very approachable manner, and we both love how easy this was to learn, and easy to continue!

Finding a Math Curriculum that works

     This course has absolutely taken all of the headache away from me as far as teaching math effectively!  We were also invited to take one of Mr. D's live weekly online courses, and I have to say it was fantastic!!!  Mr. D teaches small groups of students in a co-op fashion, and knows his students personally.  There is a window where you can see him and hear him teach, a window with an on-screen white board so you can see him actually working out the problems by hand, and another where students can talk to Mr. D privately or as a group, and he responds to the questions during the live session.  Students can also 'raise their hand', which was absolutely fantastic.  Lacey really enjoyed this part of the course, and although at this point they were ahead of where she was (the live online classes begin the week of August 21!)  she still understood a lot of what was being taught, and was very interested in taking the live classes!
    Mr. D also offers Extra Help courses online as well!  This is fantastic for any student who is struggling!  Absolutely, without a doubt this is the math curriculum for us!  It takes the hard work out of my hands and into the capable hands of Mr. D, who is awesome at math and at explaining it to teens!

Homeschool Classes offered by Mr. D

    Algebra isn't the only course offered by Mr. D's math!  Your student can join the classes for:
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • SAT Math Bootcamp
  • ACT Math Bootcamp
  • Life Skills for Teens 
   One of the other unique classes offered are the intensive summer courses!  In 11 weeks your teen can complete a full credit math course!!  I believe this would be wonderful for a teen who is falling behind due to lack of a complete math curriculum in the past!  We have considered doing this if time would permit!  This would be a great way to get a full credit in during the summertime as well!

   Still wondering just how this math works?  You can check out Mr. D's Math's YouTube page to see some sample classes!  

   Mr. D's math has truly been a lifesaver, and I'm thankful that we discovered this during Algebra! I'm excited that this math curriculum will be a part of our curriculum for the rest of the time that we are highschooling!  I'm very thankful for Mr. D's math, and even more thankful that my daughter has learned to love math!  That will certainly make her education a lot more enjoyable for her!!
  Thank you Mr. D!  We are so glad that we met you!

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