Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Sunday 2017

   Easter Sunday was truly blessed for my family and I!  The Saturday before we enjoyed seeing my amazing cousin (who is more like my little brother than my cousin) marry his sweetheart Amanda.
   Since we were already staying at my Mother-in-laws, at the last minute my husband asked someone to substitute for him for Sunday school and to our delight they agreed!  So we were able to stay another night and enjoy visiting a beautiful church in my hometown that has supported us So much while we have been here at Fruitland!  They have sent cards and letters, and helped us financially..  as well as prayer!  My mother in law said that the entire church prayed for us the Sunday that we were out of town at one of the churches considering my husband..  and that touched us.  It was wonderful to be able to personally thank the church for all they have done, and a blessing to spend the holiday with family as well!
   With the exception of my oldest daughter, who wore her Easter dress to the wedding, none of these outfits were the ones that we went shopping to get for our kids for Easter lol.  Since it was a last minute decision, we actually went out and my Mother bought these outfits for them Saturday night after the wedding, but I thought they still looked amazing!  Afterall, Easter isn't about bunnies or chocolate, or even pretty dresses....

   This is the greek word for "It is finished..."

    On good Friday, our savoir, the most beautiful and perfect lamb...  gave himself as an atonement for our sins.  The only sinless one...  God in the flesh, laid down his life..  and on the third day, prophesy was fulfilled, and it was finished.  Praise the Lord for his sacrifice, and for Easter, a time set aside to celebrate the miracle that is our salvation!  That God himself would become flesh, to die for you and I!  How incredible....

    It was nice to dress up and enjoy spring, and to color eggs and spend time with family.  We certainly did enjoy our Easter celebration, and we are very thankful for the amazing life that God has blessed us with!
  So here are our photos.  :)  Enjoy!!!