Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Disney: The Magic Kingdom!!!

  I've been sharing our amazing vacation at DisneyWorld! here on my blog.  It's been a slow process in sharing!  A week after we left Disney our family traveled all the way to the other side of the state for my husband to preach at a church in Columbia NC, so we had just returned and unpacked when we packed up and left again!  It was a wonderful experience, but I've had to struggle to return to something normal lol!  So eventually I will get a chance to share all of our trip!
   On to the Magic Kingdom!!!

   Just one look at that castle and you know that you are at the most magical place on earth!
   The day that we started the Magic Kingdom was an early day!  We had to get up early enough to ride the bus to the Magic Kingdom from our resort, then move to the monorail to ride to the Grand Floridian Hotel.  See, when my sisters and I were younger, we had a large family Disney trip with my Dad's family members.  We all remember bits and pieces of this vacation, but there was one thing that we remembered in great detail.  The character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.  I remembered this in so much detail, from the decorations to the music, and which characters we visited with.  I remembered the food and the smells, moreso than even the Magic Kingdom itself!  So as my sister and I were planning this trip for our kids, we knew that the character breakfast had to be on the list!

   The breakfast was incredible!  We tried so many new dishes that we had never tried before!  It is a buffet style breakfast so that worked out well for our kids!  They all ate really well that morning!  I don't think Hudson has ever eaten so may waffles in his entire life, but then again, they are Mickey waffles so what can you say?  We loved the carousel-type music that drifted through the dining room playing When you Wish Upon a Star.  We loved the atmosphere of sophisticated dining.  We also got to meet and talk to Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, and Tigger and Pooh bear!  We all left with full bellies and happy hearts!  We also met Alice on the way out the door and got some photos with her as well!!

   Afterward we rode the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom to begin our adventure there!!

      The Magic Kingdom just has a feel to it.  You know that you are at Disney!  It's the heart of Disneyworld, and seeing the castle is always an unforgettable experience!  My kids were so excited, for months we had seen this castle on the beginning of our DVDs and said, "We are going to the castle!" so it was a little emotional the first time we stood before it and said, "We're actually here!"  To top it off, when we first walked up to the castle, they were playing music, and some of the princesses were dancing.  When we got closer we found out that the Frozen cast was there!  We were so excited!  Sawyer got to see his beloved Anna!!!  He was so excited!!!

    Tinkerbell was our first meet and greet!  She was so sweet and pretty!  And noticed that Hudson smelled like waffles lol!

   Our first ride was Peter Pans Flight!  We loved it!  I've never ridden it before because the lines were always so very long, but it was on our fast passes so we rode it with very little wait time!  Afterward we went to The Small World ride, which all of the kids enjoyed!  We certainly had more rides available to us at the Magic Kingdom than at the other parks, especially those that all of the kids could ride together.

The waiting in line selfie with my girl...

   After a few rides we went to meet Rapunzel and Tiana!

Rapunzel's tower!

Rapunzel is Norah's favorite princess, "Punz"..  she was delighted to meet her, and she was very sweet.  My sweet Hudson asked her if she was glad she left her tower.  :)  My kids make me smile!

    Sawyer loved Tiana and talked her ear off.  She told him about the time he threw up...  oh my.  She was hilarious though and just rolled with it.  She was absolutely beautiful!  We enjoyed these princesses a lot! The look on Kayla's face tells it all....

And the photopass photographer got a kick out of Hudson..  who was posing for him...  we have about twenty pics from this meet and greet that look a lot like these...

After our meet and greet the older kids wanted to check out Space Mountain.  It was a long wait, so Stephen and I stayed with the younger kids in tomorrow land while the babies napped.  Hudson spent his money in a gift shop on some Inside Out figures, and he and Callie spent the whole time playing with them on the pavement.  It may have been Hudson's favorite part of the whole trip lol!
Following Space Mountain we joined at main street for the parade!  The parade is always one of my favorite parts of our trip!  It's always emotional for me for some reason for my kids to see their favorite characters in the parade.  They absolutely loved it!  Callie was excited that Belle was front and center.  It was fantastic!
   After the parade Lacey got to meet her fav, Peter Pan!!!

   We had a late lunch at the Harbor House, which was a seafood restaurant.  It was wonderful!  I highly recommend this dining place if you have the Disney dining plan.  Yummy!!!
   After our lunch we had fast passes to the Seven Dwarfs Mine cart, and I'm so glad we did!  This was without a doubt my favorite ride in the entire park!  We all LOVED this ride! Even my hubby who is not a big fan of roller coasters, thought this one was a ton of fun!!!

   And of course we did Dumbos flying elephants!!!

And the royal carousel!!  

    By the time evening came and we did the Mad Hatters Teacups Sawyer was spent.  He and his Dad went back to the room.  Trying to do the Magic Kingdom in one day was far too difficult, and I would not try to cram it into one day again!  But it was a magical day!  We stayed for the fireworks and were absolutely in love with them!  I still did enjoy Hollywood Studios fireworks better to be completely honest, but "Wishes" was a wonderful show as well!  And who doesn't like seeing Tinkerbell fly from a zipline from the top of the castle??  
    After fireworks Kayla and I took the kids back to the room while Lacey stayed with my Dad and Brandon to enjoy Splash mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I hate that the other kids didn't get to do these, but there's always next time!  We will certainly plan better in the trips to come and spend more than one day at the Magic Kingdom.  There's just too much magic to fit into one day!