Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Let them be children

   Brother is my early riser.  It's really hard for me to get out of bed before he does...  but I love it when he gets up.  I'm usually sitting in my chair by that time, bundled in a blanket and kindle in hand.  He comes into the living room, and he's sooooo affectionate.  He smiles so sweetly, and tells me good morning like just seeing me brightens his day.  I hope it does..  because just seeing him does mine...

 He cuddles with me and I wrap my blanket around him..  but he stirs quickly, as little boys do.  He loves to read books, so sometimes he climbs into our reading nook with his piles upon piles of Berenstain Bears and Pigeon books.  Other times he chooses a box out of his room filled with some of his favorite toys and brings those onto the table to play.  He plays, quietly for him..  and he thinks, and its one of the rare times we are alone so he can talk to me about what is on his mind and his heart.

 The other morning as I was getting back into my devotion, I heard his voice crack, almost in tears.  I looked up and asked what was wrong...   I gathered my boy, now with tears filling his beautiful brown eyes into my lap and rubbed his back, since that is his favorite..  and he answered...

   "I'm wild.  I'll never get rid of my wild."  He said through little tears.  My heart broke.  I prayed..  what could I say?  His words had brought the strongest conviction my heart could bear.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday! 4/24/17

   I feel like we've been gypsies lately.  It's been a month now since we have had a full weekend at home.  On month, four hotel rooms, staying with 3 different families at their home..  its been full throttle for awhile now.  I really enjoy this linky party though, and am glad that I always find Mondays to realx, rejuvinate, and take some time to write.
   I love catching up on Mondays!  So here we go!

The weather.....
  Rain rain...  but I don't really want it to go away!  It's been a nice stay-in and rest day after a long weekend!  Long few weekends...  we are very much looking forward to staying in today!  It's also cool outside, we had to turn our heat on when we got home last night!  Crazy weather lol!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange 2017!

    A friend of mine who I follow on Happy Homemaking Mondays posted about the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange, and I was immediately intrigued!  Honestly friends, I feel like my life has been a mad rush for so long now!  Just a look at the photos of teacups somehow makes me just awaken that desire inside of me to slow down and just enjoy life a little longer, a little slower...  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Finding a Math Curriculum that works!!!


  Math.  Not my favorite subject.  Not even close.   When I was in school, I never remember enjoying math.  I did get into the higher math classes in high school somehow, but still struggled when I was in college.  No, math was never my strong suit, nor was it something that I really enjoyed teaching.
   When it came to homeschooling my kids, naturally math was one area that I was never overly confident in.  Math in the lower grades was easy breezy.  Then we began 7th grade math.  Yikes....
   We started 7th grade math with Life of Fred.  That was working really well for my elementary age daughter, so we began with Fractions and Decimals just to make sure we covered all of the ground that I needed too.  About 2/3 of the way through Fractions I realized it wasn't working.  Even worse, I was having *so* much trouble explaining exactly what was going wrong.  Homeschooling two other kids made it even more difficult to take the time I needed to reteach myself how to do math...  I really needed some help!