Friday, March 31, 2017

The Duncan's Do Disney: Hollywood Studios

   I remember visiting this park as a teenager back when it was MGM.  I remember the Aerosmith Rollercoaster being fantastic, and the Tower of Terror scaring me to pieces...  but I also remember it not being one of my favorites.
   Then, Disney bought Star Wars..  and this Sci-fi fan, who was going as C3PO to Halloween when I was five fell in love with Hollywood studios and it became a tie for my most favorite Disney park!!!

Chewie!  We're HOME!!! lol

   Our first Fastpasses were practically the minute we got into the park!  The older kids went to do Star Tours, which I unfortunately had to miss because the height requirement had Sawyer barely under, but my sweet baby sis and I took our smallest babies to see the Disney Junior show.  It was the sweetest!  Toodles was fantastic, he was up in the air...  there was snow falling from the air, bubbles even gold deblumes in the show!  They enjoyed it, and Kayla and I enjoyed it pretty well, since we've been doing this Mickey Mouse clubhouse thing for ten years now lol.  From Callie to Norah, they've all sang the hot dog song at some point!  So it was pretty special :)  We did have to sit in the floor though, and my legs were so tired from the first day!  Just a warning to those ambitious parents lol, it was a little difficult for me..  being over thirty and all haha!
   After the show they got to meet Jake!  Sawyer really enjoyed this, and we got the sweetest pictures on our photopass!!!

   We also stopped in the middle of the street because they were doing the imperial march!  Coolest thing EVER!!!
My beautician sister gave Callie and Eve Princess Leia hair!  It was fantastic! 

   We loved walking the streets of Hollywood studios!  There's so much to see and such wonderful storefronts!  My sister and I were so sad that Mr. Golds pawn shop is not there anymore :(!!!  But it was still a wonderful place!  They are undergoing some renovations so we didn't get to see absoulutely all of the stores, but there was just so much to see and do!  It's beautiful!!

   We rode the Great Movie Ride which was a lot of fun and very classically Disney!  The only part that the kiddos didn't enjoy was a part about the movie Alien, where the Alien was hanging down from the sky..  lol..  but they made it out okay!  We were worried about the witch scaring them in the Wizard of Oz part, but Sawyer and Norah were not impressed lol.  Hudson really enjoyed the ride!  It was slow and something we could all do together, which was fun since we hadn't done rides together yet!
   Toy Story Mania was one of our fast passes and it was one of our favorite rides!  Hudson LOVED it!  Sawyer and Norah were able to ride that one as well.  It was interactive as you have to use your gun to shoot at the different targets, but it also did a lot of spinning and riding!  It was wonderful!  Hudson wanted to do it again, and if the park hadn't been so crowded we certainly would have!  This ride always has a LONG line though, especially on busy days, but once was awesome!
   We had lunch at a combination of Catalina Eddie's and Rosie's All American Cafe.  The pizza was good, a bit better than Pizzafari.  Sawyer enjoyed having nuggets at Rosie's.  We ended up having to come back there for dinner because by the time we waited in line to meet characters, and coming back to the park a little late, the ABC Commisary was closed, much to our disappointment.  They were both okay.  That evening I had a burger with onion fries that was pretty great.  Hubby, Brandon and Lacey tried Fairfax Fare for dinner and the food was good but the service was terrible!  They refused to give them a drink with their meal plan credit, which was absolutely horrible.  We had enough drinks to share though, but still we were highly disappointed with the service.  You usually do not find bad service at Disneyworld!
   We did have some fantastic desserts however!  Callie and Ev had the Beauty and the Beast cupcake!  It was raspberry and white chocolate and it was fantastic!  It was a BIG cupcake so Callie was kind enough to share with me, and that was my favorite dessert the whole time!

Papaw got a pretty amazing hot fudge cake at Hollywood Scoops!  Norah really enjoyed it as well!!

   And Starbucks had some a HUGE 'Dark Mater" cupcake (Sawyer calls Darth Vader this.... lol!) so this was one tickled little boy!!!!  It was chocolate peanutbutter, and pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!!!

      After lunch we decided to head back for the little kids to rest and the older kids to swim, and on the way out we got to meet Daisy and Donald Duck!!

    We came back in the evening for fireworks!!!  That's when we went to the Star Wars Launch Bay to meet some Star Wars characters!  This area is fantastic!  There are Storm Troopers on patrol all over the place, and you see them everywhere!  This is where we met Chewie to our excitment, and where Kylo Ren scared my kids to death lol!

Sawyer took one look at him and burst into tears.  He was very in character lol!  He instructed everyone to choose the dark side, but then said nevermind, I have chosen for you...  hahahaha  This picture of Everly hiding behind Kayla says it all...

   Sawyer was still fussing about how much he hated him when we walked out, until we ran into the Jawas!  He LOVED these little creatures, and they were so sweet to him!

They carry toys which they trade for Pins, and because he was so upset, they gave him one.  That made his day!!!  It was an awesome experience, and Sawyer is okay now, he still says Kylo is a bad guy, but he's made peace and loves Star Wars again lol!

That evening we got to ride the Aerosmith Rollercoaster, which was fantastic!  I was worried because my last trip to Carowinds proved to me that I didn't like rides as much as I did when I was yonger, but not this ride, I LOVED it!!!!  And loved even more sharing it with my family!!!  It doesn't look like it from the pic, but the girls really did enjoy it once it got to moving!  Hahaha!

That evening we got to see the fireworks, and it was my FAVORITE fireworks show of all of the parks!!!   Absolutely, without a doubt Hollywood Studios has far redeemed itself since its MGM days, and it was fantastic!  And as I said, tied with Epcot as my favorite park!!!

I still have tons of photos and two more parks to share!  Magic Kingdom will likely take two posts lol!  But for now I have to go pack.  My family is traveling to Columbia NC this weekend on the Inner Banks for my husband to preach at Soundside Missionary Baptist Church, so be in prayer for our travel and for his message!  When we get home I will update the rest of our amazing Disney Vacation!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!