Friday, March 31, 2017

The Duncan's Do Disney: The Art of Animation Resort!

    Ten years ago my Mom had a conference with the sheriffs department that took place at Disney's Coronado Springs resort, so my sister, Callie and I went along for the trip.  Here's some of the pics, actually!  It was my first time at a Disney resort and it was incredible!!!  I also remember when I worked at Grandfather Mountain as a teenager, we always had someone from Disney come to do our hospitality training.. because if there is one thing Disney does best, its hospitality!  I loved every moment of being at the Disney resort, and really wanted the rest of my kiddos to experience it as well!  My husband had also never had the pleasure of a Disney resort stay, so I was so excited to share this with all of them!!
   A few years ago Disney opened the Art of Animation resort, and the year that it opened (2014!) I remember thinking that we HAD to go there!  As we planned our trip, this was one of the things that we considered a staple in our vacation this year!
   We originally looked at Nemo but we settled on Lion King.  The reviews said that this was the one that was closest to the bus stop, and located between Nemo and Cars, so the pools were an easy walk.  We were not disappointed!
   The decor of the rooms were fantastic!  We also LOVED the fact that there were two bathrooms! We don't even have two bathrooms in our apartment right now lol!  On top of that, it was so amazingly clean and comfortable!!!

Both the couch and the table bed fold out into beds!  So this gave us plenty of sleeping room!  The couch and table beds were also really comfortable for my kiddos after a long day at the park!  They absolutely LOVED it! 

 The resort is divided into different sections.  Lion King, Cars, Nemo and the Little Mermaid.  We took a moment on the way to the park for dinner one evening to explore Radiator Springs, and Sawyer absolutely loved it!

They can try and try, but nobody is as cool as my Norie Bug

Hudson was really excited that there was a Hudson Hornet!

   Out of the three pools that the resort hosts (One at Nemo, one at Ariel and one at Cars) we visited two.  The Nemo pool, known as the Big Blue is the biggest pool at any Disney resort, and it was absolutely huge!  It was very crowded, but you still had plenty of space.  We spent one evening at this pool and the kiddos loved it.  You can hear Disney music playing underwater, and they have life vests on every corner to borrow.  It was clean and well staffed, and a great experience!
   Our best experience though was the next day at the Ariel pool!  It was MUCH less crowded and way more up our alley!  I took the older kids while Sawyer and Norah napped, and was able to snap a few pictures.  We spent a couple of hours at this pool and really enjoyed it and all of the statues that surrounded it!

We also enjoyed the scenes at the Lion King on our way back to our suite, including the Elephant Graveyard playsite!

    All in all, the resort was fantastic.  None of the areas would have been long walking distance to the bus stop or any of the pools.  There is also an amazing restaurant on site called Landscape of Flavors, which is also a part of the Disney dining plan.  Lacey and I had some incredible bowls of pasta the last night we were there in their "make your own pasta" part of the dining, and the younger kids enjoyed some huge slices of pizza!  They also have burgers, salads, and kids meals!  We also received cute Disney mugs that could be refilled at any time in the restaurant.  There's also a gigantic gift shop, which at the end of our visit we were able to use our remaining snack credits to purchase candy to take back home.  All in all, this resort was fantastic, and although I did love Coronado springs all those years ago, I have to say, this one was my favorite!