Friday, March 3, 2017

Homeschool Mothers Journal: March... In my life this month!

      It's been awhile since I've taken the time just to sit down and write a blog post about what is going on in our lives lately...  so I decided that the Homeschool Mothers Journal post was the perfect opportunity to do that!
    The month of February was both eventful and difficult at the same time.  We had some great school days the past month!  We really are finding our groove with the new things we have chosen to incorporate in our school year, and have enjoyed doing so!  When its colder outside we are also more content just to stay in and spend time together.  We have actually had some very pretty days in February though..  some 60s and even a couple of days we made it in the lower 70's.  Beautiful weather, especially for the tail end of winter!  But some days we have spent gathered around the candles at our table, locking the cold outside, and that has been very enjoyable to Mom!
   It has also came with its fair share of challenges.  We have dealt with quite a bit of sickness this month as well.  Unfortunately, we passed around a miserable cold..  not just your average run-of-the-mill stuffy nose cold..  the kind that even kept Mom in bed all day for an entire day.  A couple of weeks after we survived the cold, we all passed around the stomach bug.  So with the entire family getting sick, it feels like we are down for weeks on end.  It was challenging, and exhausting..  but we made it through, and God is still good to allow us not to be any sicker.  We had lots of neighbors with the flu and babies with RSV, so although our bouts with sickness weren't any fun, they could have been a lot worse..  so I still consider myself one of the luckier ones this cold season.

   Our adventures in Feburary consisted of a couple of trips to our local Hands on Museum, which is always a very fun place for our family to gather!  The kids also got to spend a day at Hands On with their sweet cousins when we celebrated birthdays.  My oldest niece turned 8 at the beginning of February, and thankfully we got to spend a lot of her birthday with her.  It was a blessing, I certainly miss my sweet little nieces since we are now living a couple of hours away from them.  I treasure the time that I do get to spend with them, and somehow think that its true that absence makes the heart grow founder.  I also really enjoy spending time with my sister and her husband..  I truthfully have the best two sisters and brothers-in-law in the whole world, and any amount of time I get to spend with them is time well spent.  I love my family so very much!

     Stephen officially rounded off his first full year here at school!  So this time next year he will be finished and moving forward to pursue another higher degree!  Its hard to believe its been a full year, and that we are so close to being finished.  It's wonderful and at the same time very hard to digest.  Knowing that we are living in a temporary situation was a little easier when I knew it would be temporary for at least two years.  Now come summer we will begin to seek his fulltime ministry, and to think that could be a move that could last for years, or for the rest of our lives is just overwhelming at times, and exciting at others.  Not having any idea where that is scares me a lot..  but at the same time I have such a sweet, overwhelming sense of peace that I can't even begin to describe.  I'm so thankful for all that we have learned here, and I cannot wait to begin our journey in ministry together as a family.
   In my personal life, I do have some exciting news.  I have officially been accepted into the Biblical Women's Institution at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for the fall semester!  I will be obtaining a certificate in Women's Studies! I am nervous about taking this on, but at the same time I am excited and I know that this is what God has led me too.  It's been 10 years since I graduated from college, so its been so long since I've been a student..  but just looking at the course catalog and praying over it gives me confidence.  I know this is what God wants for my life at this time. I really don't know how on earth I'll have time for it, but I know that I am capable of it.  I have seen God moves mountains in my husbands life as he has been in school here and has prepared for his ministry.  I can't wait to see what he can do in my life to prepare me to be his ministry partner!
    My children are doing wonderful in school and in social aspects.  Sister is still happily living in her world of horses..  and she's getting better and more confident with each lesson.  Bella is loving her jazz dance class and has taken on a ballet class that has been amazing.  As much as I enjoy watching her do jazz, I enjoy even more watching her do ballet.  She's the most beautiful ballerina!  Brother has also taken on a class at Bella's dance studio for Boys Hip Hop, and its fabulous.  I'm so greatful that God is leading them to places that they can find more about themselves.  He truly is so good to us!!!
   March brings some wonderful things for our family!  Spring will finally be here, and we are looking forward to that!  We will spend the upcoming Sunday at a church that adopted our family on campus for Christmas and blessed our family abundantly this Christmas season!  My husband will be preaching at their church and we are very excited about that and meeting all of those who so overly blessed our family this year!  We are looking forward to that!
   We are also looking forward to our trip to Disney World!  My Dad helped us purchase our tickets as part of the kids Christmas gifts, and he has overly spoiled them!  Suitcases and magic bands and meal plans oh
my!  I've never even been to some of the Disney parks, so I am as excited as they are!  We will also be visiting with my youngest sister and her family, so they will have their cousins to play with, and I get to see my baby niece meet Rapunzel, which is the best thing in the whole world!  We are very excited!
   So be in prayer for our family as we travel over this month.  For my husband as he brings the message to the church this Sunday and as he brings message to our youth at church on Sundays and Wednesdays.  As he navigates his classes and as I prepare my heart and mind to begin mine!
   In my personal life, I will be revisiting my Make Over Your Mornings course.  I know I went through this in depth, and it was unbelivably successful the first time, but with sickness in our family I have fallen off the wagon.  So I will pick myself back up again and begin again!  The month of February was semi-successful with my weight loss journey,  finishing up the month about 5.8 lbs smaller than at the beginning of the year.  Which isn't great, but its something.  I plan to begin March with a new motivation and new idea..  which I will update you on during my Weigh in Wednesday this week.  Stay tuned :)
    So for now, I'll leave you with those updates.  I have some fun things to share with you this month, from some amazing new homeschool products I've tried and loved, to a fantastic new meal planning system that I'm just loving!  So I can't wait to share those with you!  Thank you for spending another month with me!  For praying for our family, and for just taking time to read.  I look forward to spending this month with you!  Lots of love,


  1. I remember how difficult it was to homeschool with sickness in the house. Blessings to you that spring is on the way! :) We usually tried to be finished with school by mid-March because it was so hard to keep going when the weather was warming up. Both my children have graduated now, so these days are in my past, but I remember them fondly.

    1. That is such a good idea! I've never thought about that before! We usually have to tough it out until June because we are behind lol but perhaps with more discipline we could stop in March! Hmmm... thoughts for next year :) thanks so much for visiting!!

  2. I have done temporary, and school and homeschool and kids and... So let me offer you both sympathy and joy. Sympathy cause it can seem overwhelming now and joy because everyday will be sweet in the end!

  3. Hope each day brings good news! I have never home schooled, but I can imagine how hard it can be at times. But also how rewarding at the same time! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Hope your family is over their colds and flu and can enjoy your trip to Disney World. This will be an exciting and fun time for your children. Take advantage of all the free stuff and build some great memories. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story as we close our blog party.