Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday!

 It's Happy Homemaker Monday  over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom!!

The weather
   We actually had snow this weekend.  It literally snowed for about two hours before it stopped.  By 3 (which felt so much earlier!) it was 47 and everything was melted.  It was nice for a change, but I think (hope!) we have a little warmer weather this upcoming week!

On my reading pile:::
  This list hasn't changed much since last week, I'm a slow reader and haven't finished any fo these!
Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds, by Jen Wilkin
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: by Crystal Paine
and The Great Gatsby, by Fitzgerald :)  You knew that!
   This week I'm also reading the study guide from Crystal Paine, because I'm Making over my Evenings in case you didn't read!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
MOANA!  Oh my goodness!!!!  We bought this on Wednesday and its my favorite movie!!  We have watched it so many times and have even downloaded the mp3 music so we can make a fantastic CD for our trip next week!  This is such a fantastic movie!  If you haven't seen it, do!!

On my TV:::
  Once Upon a time!  YAY!  And *sheepishly* I'm also pretty excited about the Bachelor finale lol.  Other than that Moana has pretty much monopolized our television!  OH! and my hubby and I are still working on the Crown, we love that show!!!

On the menu for this week:::
Tonight; The only night during the week I really have hours to cook..  Baked Salmon Cakes, mashed potatos, green beans and biscuits!
Tuesday: My hubby's favorite, Three Cheese Tomato Basil soup grilled cheese sandwiches for kids
Wednesday: Dinner at church
Thursday: Pasta Bake with Salads
Friday: Tacos with rice
Saturday: Spaghetti

On my to do list:::
  Pack!!!  We leave this time next week!  Eeek!  Also I have to unpack our curriculum box and at least make a list of what we need to buy for next year.  I find that buying it a little at a time over a period of time is better than buying it all at once!  And I like to have everything by June because I'm a big slacker and that gives me three months to go through it all and plan!  

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
  I have been playing around with photoshop a lot this month!  I made these Planner pages in January and started working on organizing my life with my Arc planner that I also wrote about in that blog post :)  I finally broke down and bought that stapler! So I've been trying to put the girls together a planner with some of their school pages.  I know that doesn't seem so crafty, lol but it has been for me!

Looking forward to:::

Looking around the house:::
   It's finally coming together!  The past couple of months we have bought a few bookshelves, I even bought a new bed for us!  It's fantastic and was super cheap on amazon for anybody who is interested, Mattress and Upholstered headboard was under $300!  I've not had a new mattress in years and our headboard is so cute and modern!  I love small changes! It takes a lot of effort to fit six people into a two bedroom, but we're making it work!!!

From the camera:::
    I actually took some photos at Callie's hoofbeats club last week! She absolutely LOVES those horses! She had a blast so I thought I would share!

    Top photos: Feeling Maxie's teeth (Maxie is the horse she rides!) bottom pics, left Callie and Kaelee, the littlest Hoofbeats members, with Sugar, the 30-year-old horse that only holds small riders, but is an excellent horse!  and right, miss Melly.  

Prayer List::
  Praying for a couple of campus families, one that just got his new pastorate!  His wife is very dear to me!  Another whose baby has RSV for the second time this month :(  Another who is moving off campus and will be so missed!!  Also for my husband as he begins his exams next week...  always pray for all the students through exam week!!!
   Also be in prayer for us next week!  This is absolutely the trip of a lifetime, and so much planning and money has gone into making it happen!  Pray its wonderful!  I'm so thankful God has given us the opportunity to go!!!

What I'm wearing today:::
   I really need some new Yoga pants...  yikes haha!  But there they are again!  With the same old tshirt that I workout in the mornings!

One of my simple pleasures:::
   My sweet little guy is sitting next to me with sheets of papers, crayons and a glue stick.  He's drawing his Daddy, and it warms my heart!  Oh wait, he just said "I mean Bob."  So I guess it didn't turn out like Daddy lol.  I love my babies!

Bible verse, Devotional:::

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  1. We had snow over the weekend as well. Ours lasted about a full day though and I just noticed, there are flurries out there today. Hope you have a wonderful week and a wonderful trip!

  2. I too am anxiously awaiting the finale of the Bachelor... so hoping Raven! Those horses are beautiful! Have a great week!!

  3. awe the photos are so sweet. I am a planner girl too. and that's usually what I am "creating" hope you have a wonderful trip.

    1. As much time as I put into my planner creations it certainly is something that I consider a creation lol!

  4. Great post! I loved The Crown, can't wait for the next season. You're the second person to comment on how much you enjoyed Moana, will have to check it out. Love the headboard link and your planner pages. Have a fabulous time at Disney and take lots of pictures to share!

    1. Are they making another season! I had no idea, but that makes me excited! It's rare that hubby and I have a favorite we both enjoy lol! So we're thankful for this one!

  5. Reading about your day to day life, makes me miss you even more! Praying your sweet hubby does well on his exams! I cant wait to hear all about your vacation! I love you so much my dear friend!