Thursday, February 2, 2017

What we are Reading Now...

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   A month ago, I begged God for tools.
   I didn't come here as a lot of people do... yet I'm in the same shoes as a lot of others!  Although I was raised in church in my younger years and was raised to be a good person, a great student, and an effective citizen of the world, I didn't spend my early teenage and adult years reaching for Gods will for my life.  I didn't read books about God..  I had a bible that sat on my bookshelf as somewhat of an heirloom- a memory of my Grandfather who had bought it in Gatlinburg and was so excited to give it to me- only to have it sit and collect dust on my shelf.
  When I truly turned my life to God in 2008, I stumbled into the world of Christian literature.  It was actually at this time that I started cultivating a love for reading in the first place.  I was a fast reader and an efficient reader, having acquired a Bachelors degree in journalism with a minor in English, I had learned to appreciate written word but I did not learn to love it until God came back into my heart and gave me a zest for life that I just didn't have before.  The more I loved Him, the more I loved life.  The more I loved life, the more I appreciated someone taking the time to share their heart in written word.  Over the years, I became a reader, and loved books!
   When I was begging God for tools I just wanted to grow.  I wanted to grow and learn and just become the best student I could be of His word.
   God answered in a big way!  I'm currently a part of three different bible studies!  One being Breathe by Priscilla Shirer, the other being Open your Bible by Amanda Bible Williams Racheal Meyers, and the other being one of the books I'm about to list for you :)  So know that if you ask, God will answer in a BIG way!  I can't tell you how excited I am to have these tools at my disposal, and the studies that I can be involved in!

   So I wanted to take a moment to share whats on our bookshelves!  What me and my kiddos are reading nowadays.  I won't even begin to talk to you about what my hubby is reading nowadays..  there isn't enough room on this blog to write about that.  Perhaps he'll guest post for me one day about it, how about that +Stephen Duncan :)  Anyhow..  what we are reading!

    This is the book that the ladies on campus and myself are doing a study on, and I'm telling you that it is groundbreaking!  I'm only a few chapters in, because we have chosen to take this slowly and just indulge in every word.  There's so much in this book, and its a book I wouldn't have chosen for myself without knowing...  simply because of the basis of the book.  In the very first chapter, she talks about how she read her bible wrong for years.  She says that she read the Bible as a book about her.    See that's what I'm guilty about.  Reading the Bible to find myself, to find out how I should act and what I should do.  I had this all wrong!  Jen says that the Bible is a book about God, and you can learn about Him by studying the bible.  It's sad to think I never thought of it that way, but its absolutely true.  This book has changed the way I look at the Bible, just a few chapters in!  I recommend it highly to anyone, and it goes hand in hand with the Open your Bible study that I am doing.  Needless to say, God needed to remind me who He is, and teach me how to study my Bible.  I'm thankful for this book!!

Gone with the Wind- I'm only about 150 pages away from finishing one of the best books that I've ever read!  I always like to keep a fiction book in my reading list, just to be able to fall into a world and escape reality a bit every now and then..  this has been my favorite movie for a really long time, and about a year ago I decided to actually read the book.  It's taken awhile, it's a hefty book, but its been so amazing!  I can't wait to finish it..  trust me, knowing the movie doesn't affect how much you'll enjoy this.  Love classic literature!  I just love it!


We are reading together the Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary!  We finished up Stuart Little and couldn't get enough of little mouse adventures, so he's loving this story!  He's also a big fan of Goosebumps books, so we are now reading the Night of the Living Dummy.  I'm so thankful for his love for books!


Sister is studying Kirsten and the Pioneers in her American Girl history lessons.  So she is reading Anne of Green Gables and is finishing up Caddie Woodlawn.  We have enjoyed this unit study, its very likable to her and her love for a simplistic life on the prairie!

The Land

  Bella's history study has taken her into the time of the Civil War.  Fittingly since I'm reading Gone with the Wind and Sister is moving on to Addy in the next few weeks, putting us all in the same American History time period.  She is reading The Land by Mildred Taylor.  This is a book she's loved and had chosen herself, so I'm very proud of her for picking this one!  


   Little Hero's books are my favorite!  I love reading them over and over again!  We all enjoy them!  From Pigeon books to Berenstain Bears, he loves all sorts of books!  My recent book haul from included Harold and the Purple Crayon, which has quickly became his favorite for now!  I also purchased The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, which we also enjoy reading!  Really though, can we ever get enough of kids books!  I know I can't!

   I also found a fun idea from one of my new favorite bloggers, Crystal Paine.  She created a Pinterest board of books that she's read this year!  What a fun idea!  So I'll be posting on My Board the books I finish this year!  I hope you'll follow and link me to yours if you decide to do the same!!  Here's to a happy and word filled 2017!!!  What are you reading at the moment??

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