Motivation Monday: Work it out

Monday, February 13, 2017

        The following few weeks have been so hard!  The last week in January I got miserably sick.  Like stay in bed, surrounded by kleenex and the bitter bite of defeat sick.  I recovered and did well for a week!  Then two days ago, it hit me again!  Round two was even worse, complete with fever and an entire evening spent in bed.  Three days later I'm still stuffy and in misery...  what gives?
   The thing I can say is this, the week after I was sick was the best week in a long time.  Something about being sick makes you appreciate being well more than before.  So hopefully I can kick it into high gear afterward? Especially since Disney is just a few weeks away....
   So I'm giving myself a spot of grace away from the weighing in
   This week I wanted to talk about working out.  I know that some of you are a lot like me.  You're stay-at-home Mom's, with working husbands that are gone a lot, and when they are there the last thing you want to do is spend that time at the gym.  Thus being said, you are busy with the kids for the biggest part of the day, and don't have time to go to the gym early in the day..  and going to the gym after about 4 in the afternoon is a big joke, because who has the energy for that after you have exhausted so much of your day already, and still have dinner to fix, chores to do, papers to check and bedtime routines to try *SO* hard to stick too?  Nope.  For the majority of my children's young lives working out has been something that I've put on a shelf.     Thankfully, last Easter I made a commitment to work out, prayed hard about it, and made the best purchase that I've made in a LONG time.

Guys, meet my amazing, under $120 elliptical!!


And the story of how we came together...

     Easter Sunday last year was a hard day for me.  We spent it back in our hometown, and it was the first time we had spent a significant amount of time in our hometown since our move last January.  We were going to our home church, and all of my kids were dressed, matching their Daddy in their navy and coral ensembles.  I was particularly excited because I had purchased a new outfit as well.  It matched theirs, and it was a simple skirt with a white shirt.  I had tried it on in the store, but I suppose I wasn't really prepared for what it would look like in person.  We were staying at my Dad's, and I stood in the bathroom in his full sized mirror and looked at myself..  and immediately started to cry.
   It looked so bad.  I was miserable.  How had I let this happen?
   After church we went to eat at my Mom's, where I stepped on the scale which revealed me to be the heaviest I had ever been in my life.  More tears.  I spent the day thinking about how bad I felt, about myself and just how bad I felt physically.  I decided to change, and had no idea how to do it.
   The next day my husband and I were in Sams and we saw an elliptical machine.  It looked great!  I told him that I needed that..  it was what I used in the gym years ago.  The only issue was that it cost $500, and we live in a 2br apartment and there was nowhere to put it.  Sadly, I went online to try and decide whether or not to make the plunge and buy it, forcing it into some corner of the room...  and praying it would be worth it.  
    After lots of research I found something that was simple, and a lot cheaper!  It actually had gotten great reviews.  I never spend that much on something, and was a bit skeptical at first..  but I finally made the purchase, and I've never been happier about a purchase before!

     I'm so glad I bought this rather than spending all that money on the one at Sams!  This little machine fits perfectly in my house! I can move it easily from room to room without issue.  It's the perfect workout for me, and I've spent a lot of time on it for almost a year now and its still in great condition.  The first few months of being really determined and working out on this I found myself 10 lbs lighter.  I've maintained that 10 lb mark since then, yet my inconsistency has kept me from getting lower.  But I'm still thankful for this little machine, which is perfect for this season in my life, where working out at home is my best option!!!
   Also, I have to mention that this is SO quiet!  I can honestly do the workout while my little guy is still napping and he doesn't wake up.  I frequently move it into the living room to workout on while everyone else is asleep, and its completely silent!  I LOVE this machine so very much, it's been my go-to, and I believe the reason I've been able to keep off those 10 lbs this past year.

   And for those who wish, for a few dollars more.... it comes in pink!

   So that's all for this motivation Monday, hopefully next week will bring wellness, and a more encouraging post!

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  1. I really hope you feel completely better soon. Thanks for sharing your motivation with us, in spite of how you've been feeling. And congrats on keeping those 10 pounds off -- good for you!

  2. Awesome! The cheapest eliptical I could find 3 years ago when I bought mine was $250, and it was only quiet for a few months and now it squeaks. Hoping yours holds up better.

    1. Mine has been quiet for a year now! SOOOO thankful that I Found this, and its been awesome! Almost daily use and still quiet and sturdy! I am in as much shock as anyone else lol! Thanks for visiting!

  3. I know a lot of people that have been sick and then had it come back on them. I have been lucky so far. Keeping my fingers crossed! Hope you like your machine. Can you believe that they make me feel dizzy? Crazy, but true! I need to get back exercising and walking. Thanks for sharing with SYC.