Friday, February 24, 2017

Springtime Study with Eric Carle

   Isn't it great when two of your favorite things come together to make one!  You know, like peanut butter and chocolate, or the sand and the ocean...  or particularly this week, books and springtime!!!
   We have enjoyed fantastic weather here in western NC the past week, and although its still 'winter', it feels so much like spring!  Easter Lilly's are blooming along the road, there's the chirping of birds to wake me up in the morning.  Springtime feels like its here!  And although there may be a few more cold, and perhaps even snowy days remaining, we know that spring is just around the corner!
  How better to celebrate than some amazing spring books!!!

   Eric Carle has been one of my favorite artists since I was a child.  I remember fondly watching Reading Rainbow in those early years and being fascinated by his use of color and paint techniques to fill a space.  A modern-day artist, with incredible talent!  And yes, I say artist, because although he is a fantastic author of children's books, he's equally as talented with his color and illustrations.  I just love Eric Carle, and his bright artwork makes his books standalone works in children's literature to be loved through the ages!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What we are Reading Now...

 *This post may contain affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books, purchase on amazon!

   A month ago, I begged God for tools.
   I didn't come here as a lot of people do... yet I'm in the same shoes as a lot of others!  Although I was raised in church in my younger years and was raised to be a good person, a great student, and an effective citizen of the world, I didn't spend my early teenage and adult years reaching for Gods will for my life.  I didn't read books about God..  I had a bible that sat on my bookshelf as somewhat of an heirloom- a memory of my Grandfather who had bought it in Gatlinburg and was so excited to give it to me- only to have it sit and collect dust on my shelf.
  When I truly turned my life to God in 2008, I stumbled into the world of Christian literature.  It was actually at this time that I started cultivating a love for reading in the first place.  I was a fast reader and an efficient reader, having acquired a Bachelors degree in journalism with a minor in English, I had learned to appreciate written word but I did not learn to love it until God came back into my heart and gave me a zest for life that I just didn't have before.  The more I loved Him, the more I loved life.  The more I loved life, the more I appreciated someone taking the time to share their heart in written word.  Over the years, I became a reader, and loved books!
   When I was begging God for tools I just wanted to grow.  I wanted to grow and learn and just become the best student I could be of His word.
   God answered in a big way!  I'm currently a part of three different bible studies!  One being Breathe by Priscilla Shirer, the other being Open your Bible by Amanda Bible Williams Racheal Meyers, and the other being one of the books I'm about to list for you :)  So know that if you ask, God will answer in a BIG way!  I can't tell you how excited I am to have these tools at my disposal, and the studies that I can be involved in!