Monday, January 30, 2017

Everyday Tools for Homeschool Moms! My Planner!

Everyday Tools for the Homeschool Mom!

What's in a planner?
Well... my life.  Your life.  

   I was attending a bible study on campus when one of the ladies was talking about her amazing planner that she had!  Up until this point I suppose I thought that planners only consisted of the ones that you could pick up off the shelf at Walmart, and had to learn to live with.  I hadn't really put much thought into it, or the fact that I had about twenty notebooks laying around my house with random notes in it from homeschooling information to financial planning, meal planning and course work that I had been doing from my studies.  Haphazard nights found me digging through page after page for those notes that I had taken..  and being unsuccessful.  This sweet girl and her beautiful planner inspired me to try my hand at making a customised planner, and I was so excited at how it turned out!!
    Through her suggestion, I purchased an Arc Planner from Staples, having no idea what that even was.  I ordered it only, and with a coupon that I had gotten in my email (which I took as a sign that I should certainly order it!) It was about $10.00 for the planner and the calendar pages!  
   Still unsure of how it worked, I brought it home and looked up online tutorials on the Disc Binding system.  Only then did I realize what a cool little product I had gotten my hands on!  Because of the way the paper is bound into the planner, it is tight fitting and secure..  but if you pull it apart just right, the paper is removable!  Fantastic!  I can't wait to remove the month after it has passed!  That really helps me to keep organized and to keep a lot of junk out of the way!
   The only con I could find anywhere online was that the stapler that you needed to create the special sized holes for the system was really expensive..  and not knowing what I was getting when I got it, I didn't have one.  A little bit of research later led me to an even more diy way of customizing this planner...

    First I used some of the paper that had came with the planner and lined the single hole puncher up to each circle.  I used this to measure the entire page, and simply punched a circular hole in the areas where the mushroom shape hole was in the actual Arc paper.  

Next, I used a pair of scissors and simply cut a small slit in the center of each hole, and then bound the paper into each disc the same as the paper.  Viola!  It was difficult to get the papers lined up just exactly perfect, and sometimes had to print a few pages to get it not to bunch up..  but the end product was great!  The pages flowed well, and it allowed me to use my own customized pages to the planner!  Winning!

Lastly, I used some sticky notes that I had picked up at the Dollar store to make small tabs so I could find my place easily  in the planner.  Although I do believe I will eventually get some of the dividers that you can find at staples, this makes a fine starting point!

And finally, my finished product!  My beautiful customized Planner!!!

After visiting the staples store, I found out just how customizable these Arc systems are!  You can honestly just buy some of the discs, whatever paper you wish and you can even buy your own cover!  No need to buy the whole planner at once.  I can't even imagine the possibilities, but I'm excited to find out!

And as for the pages in the planner..  well, I made those too, and YOU can download them for free to use for your own customized planner!  I have included 2017 Calendar pages, as well as divider and title pages, such as gratitude journal, prayer journal, homeschool planner, meal planner, grocery list, password page, and more!  Check them out and download them on my post about my free planner pages!  Linked below!

As I travel through the year of becoming more intentional, it all starts and ends with making good plans, goals, and sticking by them!  Hope you have enjoyed, and happy creating!!!

Also, here are some Amazon Links to purchase Arc Planners and supplies!  I am an amazon affiliate associate, so any of these purchases will give me a commission, so I can fill my planner with fun stuff too!  :)


  1. That looks all kinds of fun and organized. I was just telling myself this weekend that I needed to put in some hours and get my kiddo and all her homeschool stuff reorganized!

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