Friday, January 13, 2017

DIY Easybake Mixes!

DIY Easybake gift set!

       Brother wants to be a baker when he grows up!  Of all the jobs, he chose that one...  and this Mama is proud.  I would be so happy to have a son on cupcake wars someday!  Haha!  So the fool proof Christmas idea was, of course, an Easybake Oven!  Thankfully, Easybake makes a blue and black oven now, so it didn't look girlie.  Baker he is..  girlie, he is not...
    Upon research I found out that the Easybake refills were really expensive..  and not very tasty on top of that.  Searching and searching, I found a great recipe, and put together a fun gift for my little guy!

    I first made baggies with the ingredients in them!  It was so easy!  The best kind of cake to use is Duncan Hines Signature cake.  I chose French Vanilla and Milk Chocolate.  I put 1/4 cup of mix in each bag, and labeled them with some personalized labels!  

It's as simple as that!  I mixed it together with some baking goods, and put it in the bag for his gift!

In the end, it was a GREAT gift, and the cakes are actually very tasty!  I also highly recommend using the whipped icing, it spreads easily and the kiddos haven't needed my help spreading it yet at all!  Yay for kitchen fun that gives me a moment to rest!  

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