Saturday, December 31, 2016

Homeschooling and Amazon Prime

   Before Christmas, we really get the ball rolling on our Amazon account.  I use it a lot to order home school supplies throughout the year, but with a rewards card from Amazon, I do utilize it a lot during the holiday season.
   This year I had a pleasant surprise.  Since my husband is now a student, and has an email account through the college, we were offered a free six month trail of Amazon Prime.  I signed up mostly because it gave me free two-day shipping, and I know with the small budget that I would probably be ordering gifts right up until the week of Christmas.  So I was excited to check it out and see what else was available!  I was excited to find Amazon Video, and even more excited to find some great home school material available!!   Some that we've used for years!

We have used this series for a long time!  Both of my boys seamlessly learned their alphabet using this series!  We also have used the sight words with much success!  We are really excited about trying the Meet the Math Facts series with Brother, since he is just now learning addition and subtraction.  These are available for weekly rental for $1.99 or you can purchase it to own for $7.95!  

These videos are largely available on Netflix as well, but it was neat to find them on here!  These videos are really cute and the kids enjoy watching them.  I don't think they have even realized yet that they are educational!

This is absolutely a great program!  We are using this steadily as we work through our US History lesson, I highly recommend it, and was glad to see you can purchase the entire video, or you can even buy or rent each lesson seperately!  There are also lots of internet resources available just on this video!  

Lastly, I have to include this!  Some of the videos, such as MaryEllen and Melody (1963) are free right now!  But you can also rent or buy Samantha, Grace, and several others!  We use American Girl as a baseboard to our American History lesson and love using them, so its awesome after reading the books to see them come alive!  We were also excited to see for free our episodes of Wellie Wishers, which we haven't seen yet but just checking them out at the American Girl store was wonderful!  Hopefully we can watch them soon!

   As I mentioned, all of these videos are available through Amazon Prime, and I highly recommend it!  We are new to Amazon Prime, so I'll update this list as we discover new things!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016.. A Year in Pictures

It doesn't seem like its over already.  Doesn't seem possible that a year ago on New Years Day, we will have spent an entire year at the college, on campus!  It's went by so quickly!  

In February my husband did his first Baptism service, and it was for his beautiful girls!  How blessed this day was!

Our hometeam, the Carolina Panthers went to the superbowl!  They didn't win, but it was exciting to see them there anyway!!!

We visited the mountains more than a few times, and Hubby and I spent Valentines day at home with some takeout from Applebees and a chick flick!

We ate lots of Steak N Shake since it was on our route to our hometown, and bunked in Nana's big bed to watch movies...

We had some wonderful schooldays at our little dining room table...  and did lots of art projects!

We made some new friends on campus!  There are so many families on campus now that there is a waiting list!  When we came here there were 11 kids on campus, now including us there are 25!  What a blessing!

We spent lots of quiet days at the church playground that is a short walk from the house...

And a few days at the park back up in the mountains... with my sweet Norie

Enjoyed Yogurt at our local Yogurt World!

And had a blessed Easter service back home with family...

My oldest boy turned 8!

And we began serving at a new church in the area...  with a beautiful view!

Little Hero turned 3...

And Hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage with our first beach vacation alone since our honeymoon lol!

Norie turned 1!

And I turned 

Sister began living our her lifelong dream of horsemanship, and met her new best friends!

And we spent LOTS of lazy days in our backyard pool....  they were the best!

We returned to the Crystal Coast to vacate as a family, and enjoyed our week there!

And my stepbrother got married!

 Dad even talked like a Pirate to get free donuts, lol!

We brought home our newest family member, Rebecca!  Sister's first American Girl doll!

And my sisters and I spent the weekend with my Daddy for his birthday, and that makes my heart smile.  I don't think there's ever been a Daddy more loved by his girls!

My husband has met some amazing, Godly men while here on campus, and I'm so thankful for his friendships that he has made..  its been one of our greatest blessings...

And we did have a blessed Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Lord!

2016 was one of those life changing years.  The year that we dedicated our lives, the year that we moved two hours away from our homes and began this journey into ministry.  Its been the hardest, but most blessed year of our lives, and I'm so grateful for this year and all that it has brought!  I am looking forward to 2017!!!  Auld lang syne!