Monday, September 26, 2016

Through their eyes...

   Once again, this is a post in participation of the IHomeschool Networks "Not-back to school blog hop", and I'm really enjoying them!  My kids enjoyed this one in particular...  "Through their eyes...." so for today I took a few birds eye view pics, but for the most part I handed my phone over to my kiddos to chronicle a day in the life of their home school adventure!

Good morning!!

The day starts in our reading nook!  The girls read picture books to the boys to get them ready for the day while Mom cleans up breakfast dishes.  My boys are both book-lovers, so they normally don't contest very much.  Especially Brother, he's one of the biggest bookies in the house!

Brother reads alone in his Abeka reading books, as the sun cascades in the window!

While Hero colors...  then the girls are invited in on the fun of taking pics...

Sister is working on her "Contented Heart" Bible study, and one of her favorite things is her bible, with tabs and teal colored lettering...  

 Bella likes all things green, specifically her green stripped binder... and has an eye for taking good photos!

It's Math time!  We love Math-U-See, and Sister likes to take selfies with her math teacher, Steve Demme

Brother took it a step further, with a face swap...  lol!!  As Hero looks on confused a bit...

And Brother captured his houses drawn to learn place value...

Meanwhile Bella takes her turn at teaching textbooks, and shares her day with you here...

And reminds us with a 'Trump sponsored snapchat filter' that today is debate day!

And shares with you her poem she made by choosing random words for her Creative writing lesson for the day...

Then for her computer time, Sister takes her turn on Reading Express...

We wrap up the end of the day with History, and begin our lessons on Pioneers...

And that's all of our photos from today!  I hope you enjoyed looking through the eyes of my sweet kiddos!!!  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sermon by Stephen Duncan- Keys to your Calling

Sharing this sermon by my husband, +Stephen Duncan , Keys to Your Calling, that he preached at +Transformation Church  a few weeks ago in Salisbury NC.  I hope it blesses you as it did me!  

A Wedding Weekend!

I LOVE the fall.  If all of the sudden it is declared that everyone who got married before Pinterest was a thing is allowed to go back and do their wedding again- Stephen and I would get married in the fall.  It's my favorite time of year..  a time of color and sweaters but still shorts and boots.  It's absolutely beautiful!!!
My stepbrother Cody and his wife Hailey tied the knot last weekend at the river at my Mom's house.  If you'e been there before then you know that it's beautiful, but Hailey outdid herself on decorations..  it was absolutely stunning!!!

    Callie is very close to Hailey, she spends a lot of time at the river when she's at my Mom's!  So she and my niece Everly were asked to be flower girls...

Here are a few memories from the wedding!!!  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sermon- Keys to Your Calling T

Transformation Church 2016, Sermon- Keys to your Calling by Stephen Duncan

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our US History Lessons: History of New Mexico- Josefina Montoya

   As most of you have known, the springboard for our American History studies has been the American Girls series.  At the planning period for the past year, I finally purchased Portraits of American Girlhood and I could NOT be more happy with this curriculum!  This is the perfect tool to plan how we are going to spend our days!
   My first and foremost resource I want to share is this that I found on my home school pinterest board;
Field of Dasies: Josephina study.  I found SOOO many resources on this!!!  Most of the things I'm going to share with you I found from that particular website, so just know that if you look there, this will all be familiar!  
   I really loved Josephina!  She is my favorite American girl that we have studied so far.  She's very beautiful, and her stories are rich in life and so colorful and beautiful!  
   We learned about the sort of home that Josephina lived in, the Adobe homes made of clay.  A huge outer wall with rooms surrounding the insides.  The kids loved the stories of the families living together with extended families, working and doing life together.  Its very different from the way we live today!  They also worked together to create an Adobe!

Also, this year we finally have a blu-ray player that has a screen that can cast from our tablets and chormebooks, so we watched several youtube videos this time around!
This video on Meet Josephina was our introduction, and one that we really enjoyed!  It really showed us a lot about the places that Josephina lived, and the type of clothing they wore!  Very decorative, ornate and fancy..  we were really intrigued!

We also liked this video on the Adobe churches in New Mexico... It shared a lot of the artwork from this time period!
For our art studies, we studied Georgia O' Keeffe.  The kids really were intrigued by her and her artwork!  They enjoyed her paintings of flowers.  She liked to paint flowers up close, 

In order to see her style and remember it, we took a trip to the local dollar store and each of the kids picked out a silk flower.  We brought them home and made a sketch of the flower up close.  It was neat to get a closer perspective of it!  I also think they will remember it for a long time to come.  We also studied some of her other artwork, and I found coloring pages online for them to color!  They found it interesting that she would take things from New Mexico, such as bones and skulls, and take them home to paint them in her own style.  

During our studies we also studied the Santa Fe trail, and how that affected trade and brought others into New Mexico.  How it brought new ideas and cultures to an area...  and how that impacted the natives.  It was also fun to share with the kiddos a beloved TV show that I used to watch years ago on the Disney channel, Zorro!  I LOVED this show, it was my favorite when I was younger!  This also gave me the opportunity to teach them some about California before it became part of the US.  

We loved reading about Josephina, about her adventures with her sister, her admiration for her aunt, and her many encounters with that goat, lol.  All in all, she was a beautiful spirited girl from a wonderful period of time in American history!  You certainly should not forget about this beautiful and fun time period when studying american history!  We certainly will never forget it!

Blog Hop Week: Our Home school Room

As I mentioned before, I've been participating this year in the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop lately!  I've really enjoyed sharing our life in our home school with you!
  This week was School Room Week..   and after seeing some of the blog entries and beautiful home school rooms, I was hesitant to even post lol!  There are some wonderful home school rooms out there!  Some very creative Mamas, and some beautiful spaces!  Ohhhh how I dream and pray one day to have a home school room created solely for school!  But for now, I decided it was okay to share our little space!  You see, my family and I moved to campus of Bible college in January for my husband to pursue a ministry degree, so now my family of six is living in a two bedroom campus apartment!  So naturally, we don't have the space that a lot of families have.  However, I'm certain that I'm not the only home school Mommy who has a small space to make home in, so I thought perhaps this could be an encouragement to other Mommies!

   Ladies and gentlemen, here is our school room, lol.  It's also our dining room, and our living room.  One in the same.

       This table serves as the school table, the board game table, the dinner table, the gathering place, and a lot of times extra seating when we have extra company!  We make this smaller space work for this season in life, and we enjoy it!  

This is basically our home school world!  In one cubical!  LOL
I purchased this 9 block cubical back in January, and its been the greatest thing ever!  It literally holds EVERYTHING.  Each of my 3 school-age kids have their own section to stack books as well as their own colorful cube to put their school work and pencils in.  There's also a box for the little guy.  The clear plastic drawers beside it hold all of our extras.. extra folders, paper, construction paper...  all of the little things that you could possibly need!  We also have a map of the US since we are studying US History, a chart of the presidents, our white board that has seen better days, and our calendar that tells the day/month/season/time/weather all in one!  This is very functional especially for our limited space!

This is our reading nook/art display area!  I love the kids bookshelf because it displays all of our favorite books forward facing, prompting impromptu reading times throughout the day and making choices easier at night!  We also have another bookshelf in the corner..  and this is about half of our books.  The rest are in baskets/bookshelves throughout the house.  Books are very important, both to our home school and just to our life in general!  

So there you have it!  Home schooling three kids in a very small space!  I'd love to see how you utilize the areas that you have been blessed with for this season of your life!