Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Pics!

One thing about not using social media is that often, I don't always remember to take pics!  I really enjoy our times together, and I do make a lot of videos!  But I don't always remember to take photos.  I did take a few however, so I thought I would take some time to share!!

Christmas festivities at Nana's house (Stephen's Mother) consists of doing a Christmas play and exchanging gifts with cousins!  The kiddos also got to spend the three days before Christmas with Nana, so they enjoyed that!  I also really enjoyed spending some alone time with my sweet little guy, doing some last minute shopping and preparing.  It was awesome, I love spending alone time with all of my kiddos on occasion.  

My how they've grown!

Christmas Eve night, Some of the kiddos had a sleepover at Mamaws while me Lacey and Sawyer spent the night with Kayla.  The boys got some Christmas PJ's from a church who adopted our family as part of a campus ministry at Fruitland.  They looked adorable!  Mamaw is also in the process of selling their house and building a new one, so they are in an apartment for the time being.  She didn't have room for a big tree, but she decorated her tree for Christmas, and it looked beautiful!

We spent Christmas eve morning at Mamaws, and let the kiddos open gifts just like Christmas morning.  We had a big breakfast, and the kids enjoyed spending the morning together!

We were back at home Christmas Eve night, and the kiddos opened their PJ's, as tradition, so they can always wake up Christmas morning in new Jammies :)  

And my sweet sleepy babies enjoyed opening gifts Christmas morning!  We were blessed overly by the church who adopted our family this year...  I have never had a Christmas so big before in my life.  It was such an unexpected and overwhelming blessing!  All of my kids got some nice shoes, clothes and toys that they adored!  It's such a blessing!!!

After breakfast and church (we didn't take any church pictures..  we were rushed so nobody looked 'picture perfect' lol, but we were there at least, which is important!  Sometimes with as many kids as we have just being there is an accomplishment!!  And we actually had time to make a big breakfast as well!  
After church we came home and snacked on candy and finger foods until Kayla, Brandon and Norah came over!

My hubby wearing his new Dolphins shirt that Hudson got him lol!  We'll see if this Panthers fan will ever wear this out in public!  

Then we had dinner and played wii U with Norie and my sisters beautiful family!

And Hudson made some sweets with his Easy bake!  We found a 'boy' easybake, which means it was blue and black.  My sweet boy wants to be a baker when he grows up, so he got an easybake with some home made goodies!! (I'll be adding the recipes we came up with on my public blog for future reference!)

It was a blessed Christmas indeed!  It's taken me a couple of days to get my house back in order, but we are grateful and thankful for all of those who made our Christmas so wonderful, and mostly, I'm grateful for God sending us a savior, so we have a reason to hope, a reason to live, and a reason to celebrate!