Saturday, November 5, 2016

Callie's 10th Birthday!

   How in the world did my itty bitty Callista grow up into my big 10 year old?  I think I blinked and my little girl with pigtails who looked like Boo from Monsters Inc became a beautiful young woman.  I'm so very proud of her, and who she has grown to be.

    The weekend before she had a sleepover with Everly, and baked cupcakes the day before her party, in a tutu and high heels lol!  Sawyer found out he was big enough to enjoy playing the wii, and loves Mario Kart.  So cute!

She had an Inside out party at home!  We had some family and friends from home, and some of our friends from here on campus!  It was great fun, and a beautiful day so we could go outside, which was great because I don't think all of the kiddos would have fit in our apartment lol!

On her actual birthday, me and the kiddos, joined by Mom, Kayla and her kiddos visited the Southpark Mall in Charlotte!  

Callie really enjoyed her first Cheesecake Factory experience!

And Hudson loved the fact that he basically got a WHOLE pizza for his kids meal!!!

We then ventured to the American Girl store!  This was an amazing experience!  We have read about and studied American Girls so much that the girls are like family to us...  She had came to pick her first American girl doll!  She visited Kaya, Josephina, and Samantha, the ones that she had came specifically to see...

Hudson loved Lea's hut!  
But then, she saw Rebecca, and knew she had met her new best friend!

Sawyer didn't make it through the store, he crashed hard!

And we took her out of the box the minute we got out of the store..  and she was perfect!

The lego store and Disney store were just as much fun!  But the highlight of our trip was our trip to the American girl store.  Callie has waited 5 years to have her first American Girl..  I cried when she smiled when they put the big red bag in her hand..  Kayla even got teary eyed and had to leave the store.  It was a beautiful moment, and the perfect tenth birthday for such a wonderful, beautiful little girl!  
  I'm so so so lucky God trusted me to be her Mama!!!