Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ladies who Lunch

   I signed up for the ladies brunch at our church without knowing basically anything about it.  The moment that my husband told me of his decision to stay at the church and here in Hendersonville, my mind immediately went to thinking..  okay..  so instead of changing everything- I need to start growing here where I'm planted.  The next Sunday I emailed the lady and told her I'd be there.  Surpringly, when she wrote me back and I saw her little google icon, I knew who she was afterall!  Yay!  I signed myself up and offered for Callie to work with the GA's.  I had no idea what I was doing, but let me tell you, I'm SO glad that I did it!  
   Apparently the traditions of the Womens brunch began at Biltmore Baptist, another big church in our area for those who are not familiar with it.  Somehow it changed hands and trickled down to French Broad, but there were lots of Biltmore Baptist members in attendance, so they are still coming :)  The brunch consists of tables being decorated and hosted by ladies of the church.  The tables were amazing..  they all held the particular taste of each hostess, and it was SO much fun looking at all of the tables!!

  Callie is a part of the GA's (Girls in Action) at the church, it is a girls bible study group that meets on Wednesdays.  She LOVES this group!  they also do a lot of service activities, and this was one for them to work.  They helped seat the ladies as they came into the room, distribute door prizes, and then they got to sit in a seat, get a hostess gift and enjoy the food and the speaker!  She really enjoyed it!  Lacey along with three other youth group members kept the younger kids in the nursery while their Mommies or grandma's enjoyed the brunch.  It was wonderful!
 A few of our GA's with Ms. Amelia.   they actually have a really big group of about 14 little girls lol, but we only had a few available this weekend.  Glad my Callie got to experience it!  

 We all had assigned seating, and half of the ladies at our table were new to me, from Biltmore Baptist, and were wonderful people!  The two ladies to the right and left front of the camera attend French Broad, Ms. Liza is Sawyer's teacher and Ms. Toni is in my Sunday school class, both of whom I really enjoyed spending the brunch talking too!
 And just a decorative pic of the beautiful table Liza decorated for us!

   The speaker spoke about Smiling toward the future, as the proverbs 31 woman did.  I thought it was very encouraging... so often we allow life to just bog us down and be so heavy for us that we forget that we are the light of this world...  but we truthfully should remember this.  Just because things are going hard for us, doesn't mean the whole world has to be brought down because of it.  We have so many blessings ahead of us, especially the blessing of our eternal salvation..  so there's no reason not to smile.
   She also spoke a lot about anxiety, which is something I've really struggled a lot about lately.  Not really having more than I usually do and always have (which is a lot), but about making it somehow manageable.  It's felt really unmanagable and out of control my whole life...  so its nice to have someone speak about it on a biblical standpoint.  Anxiety in itself is honestly worry about what *could* happen..  whether it be social anxiety or anxiety about your kids..  its just more intense...  and feels awful.  However not being anxious is something that the bible specifically talks about.  It's something I'm working on..  perhaps I can share more when I've wrapped my mind around it a little better...
   However, the brunch was amazing, and I'm SO glad that I went.  Its something awesome when you decide to stop being so anxious and start stepping back and putting yourself out there!  It was amazing!!

Sunday morning when we got back from church our neighbors were just getting in also.  Stephen and the kids "Uncle" Trey were both dressed up for Sunday service! (Trey is of course a Fruitland student and just was voted in Youth Pastor at a local church!  Pray for his ministry!  He will also be a Daddy for the first time this December! Him and his wife are such a blessing to us!)  So we had to take a pic, since they were so dapper lol!

 Family game night!  My people really thought they could beat me at Trivial pursuit..  right.  Wrong.  LOL.  Mom wins!
Sawyer shows Joker, and below the kiddos were happy to take a ride on a horse and buggy over at the Methodist church next door for their BBQ.  They were sweet and inviting, and of course the kiddos loved the ride!  Hudson was amazed by how BIG the horses were!

Classes officially began again on Oct 4th and my husband is taking 8 classes this semester!  Pray for him lol!  Its a big class load, but he is so blessed to have the scholarship opportunity!

  We also have new members of the Hoofbeats club, Callie is so in love with this group of kiddos and animal friends..  God truly sent this our way!

   So we are very blessed!  I have something new up my sleeve for a new blog, so be sure to save this one if you're interested in knowing our family updates!  Its been a great summer, and fall is creeping up fast...  so here we go, another season!  We are thankful!  God is good!